Super Mario 3D Land Gummies, Cards

I didn’t bring a bento (lunch box) to work today, so during the noon break I went over to a nearby convenience store with my buddy and picked up a tuna mayo onigiri (rice ball), a rather rubbish sandwich, and for the heck of it, some Super Mario 3D Land candy. Popular Japanese game mascots and franchises are promoted like no tomorrow over here (ie. Monster Hunter coffee), and as one would expect, Mario is no exception. Here’s a shot of the package on the left:

The product title at the top reads “Super Mario 3D Land Gummy”. Below the coin rocketing out of Mario’s butt, it says “coin shaped, pineapple flavoured gummy”, and on the far right it explains that there is one plastic character card in each pack and twenty different cards to collect in all.

The collectable card I pulled was a Tail Goomba. Or as written in Japanese, a shippo kuribo. ‘Shippo’ means ‘tail’ and ‘kuribo’ is the corresponding Japanese name for ‘goomba’. I expected the card to be a cheap cut-out, but it was actually made from relatively firm plastic, translucent purple, and quite sharp looking. Will I collect them all? I don’t like candy all that much (though the gummy was admittedly tasty), so probably not. But here’s to another day of cool Japanese food product promotions!

8 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D Land Gummies, Cards”

  1. Nice. Keep ’em up. I’m not a fan of Pineapple flavor in any product unless I eat them fresh, so go figure. This is sorta a wasted chance to promote the 3DS AR functionality, thosr cards should’ve been AR ready.

  2. For sure, Ahmed. Seems like what was one of the most amazing features out of the box has been relegated to the status of gimmick sadly.

  3. Yeah guys that’s somewhat of a missed opportunity.

    Charles I’m LOVING these posts man. Take some Pokémon pics for Steven and you’ll make his decade lol. In fact it could very well be the best post of his entire life lol.

    Really awesome stuff :)

  4. I will lol. There is Pokemon stuff here you would never have even dreamed of. ;)

  5. I like this posts, please continue, as an anime fan, and videogame fan, i really trying to learn japanese the most i can, and this really helps, thanks guys and keep the good works, i think this is the first time i see sharam on the site o_O, i think i didnt come up latlety to this site T_T

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying these posts, ManuOtaku. I will definitely keep them up. As for not seeing me around, I’ve been inactive for quite a while which would be why. :)

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