Kid Icarus: Uprising – Tutorial Video on all of its Control Schemes

22-minute long video tutorial with yours truly demoing and critiquing all of Kid Icarus Uprising’s control schemes. Having quite a lot of fun with the game despite the high learning curve of the controls. Figured to have a video like this since YouTube or the written reviews do not do the controls justice. You have to see it to believe.

3 thoughts on “Kid Icarus: Uprising – Tutorial Video on all of its Control Schemes”

  1. This looks really interesting. I have the game still sealed right beside me, but haven’t had the chance to dig any deeper with it just yet.

    As for that stand though, it’s given me an idea. Can you easily play all your other 3DS games with it? I’m thinking of probably using the stand to capture other 3DS games if it works out. The quality you have here is rather impressive. If I cropped the footage enough that only the screens showed that would look brilliant for video reviews.

  2. Yeah, man. As you can see, that stand can come in handy when you want to play 3DS games and capture footage off it while playing. I never even thought about it until I started making the video.

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