New Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer, Marriage System Details

Nintendo’s Iwata Asks feature has always been an interesting one, often providing fresh insight on upcoming Nintendo software weeks or months before release. Today on Nintendo’s Japanese version of the column (aptly titled “President Asks”), it was discussed how a pivotal theme in the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening will be vested in the romances that can occur between characters. There will be a marriage system wherein you can marry virtually any ally in the game, and proposal scenes have been prepared for the special occasion(s). Not only that, but the marriage mechanics will be tied into the game’s battle system. You will also be able to have children with your spouse, and they can become future allies in battle.


One last thing: another trailer for the game was dropped showing battle mechanics as well as some of the marriage system near the end. Enjoy!


Skip to 3:49 for the flirting and marriage bits.


Fire Emblem: Kakusei (“Kakusei” means “Awakening” in English) will be released in Japan later this month on April 19th. Nintendo has not announced a North American release date, but it is expected to do so in the near future, perhaps at E3.


Source: Iwata Asks: Fire Emblem Kakusei

13 thoughts on “New Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer, Marriage System Details”

  1. I cannot wait for this! I have been out of Fire Emblem since the GBA/GCN days so I really need to get back into the series. This remains one of my favourite series of all time, but I have been so out of the Nintendo scene that I’ve missed so many classic games.

  2. Fire Emblem is such a bloody great series. My friend was always into the franchise even before it came to North America so I’d see him play through bits of FE4 through FE6. He convinced me to get on the boat with the 2003 localized release of FE7 and I never looked back. Such a fun and challenging series. Can’t wait for this one!

  3. I’m one of those friends Charles lol. I played the original Famicom versions with my pal way back in the day before moving on to the Super Famicom versions. Been into this series forever, except during the DS and Wii days.

  4. Holy–! If I were a guy I would have creamed my pants over that trailer. There’s no way in hell I’m waiting for this to come out in English before I get it.

  5. Yeah Lena, I’m considering picking it up on the 19th myself. We’ll see though as I have several other games on my plate.

    Too bad about the region-lock, Steven. You guys had a good chat about the Fire Emblem series on today’s podcast.

  6. Yeah region locking on portables is ridiculous. It makes no sense. So if I happen to go on a vacation to Europe or to Japan, I’m now screwed because I can’t pick up any 3DS games while I’m there. Like Steven said, I would have loved to import this one to check out the new systems, but alas no.

  7. It makes absolutely no sense to me either for the portable market. It’s just damn annoying that I can’t take my Japanese 3DS back home and actually use it with games there.

  8. Honestly, it’s silly to make any console region-locked. All they’re doing is encouraging jailbreaking.

  9. I get screwed over because I’ll have to buy a new 3DS when I get back whereas my Japanese Sony products will work just fine. Thanks a lot, Nintendo. I’m thinking of keeping my Japanese 3DS just in case I do want to import something.

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