Numerous ‘Halo Infinity’ Domains Registered

Apparently, Microsoft’s brand management offshoot has been busy this week, buying up a handful of website names for what could potentially be an upcoming Halo product or a component of said product. The domain names revolve around the terms ‘Halo Infinity’ and ‘Halo Multiplayer’.

 If the domain names amount to anything, ‘Infinity’ could be used for anything from a game title, a marketing campaign, a book, Master Chief pencil case merchandising — anything, really. Some people suspect it may refer to the new version of Halo 3’s Forge creation system, whereas others point to the ship in the Halo mythos known as the ‘UNSC Infinity’ upon which several SPARTAN IVs are stationed. SPARTAN IVs are the modified soldiers who kick it up in the game’s multiplayer mode, so “Infinity” may accordingly be a tie-in to Halo 4’s multiplayer mode as a handful of the registered domains could lead one to believe.


If one is to look at the ‘Making Halo 4: First Look’ video documentary, franchise development director Frank O’Connor says that there is a “fairly convincing and compelling reason why red SPARTANS can fight blue SPARTANS”. Could it be that red and blue SPARTAN IVs are engaged in combat as a form of practice for the real battlefield? Perhaps as part of a UNSC Infinity training mission?


The developers at 343 Industries have stated that they want Halo 4’s multiplayer to make sense in the context of the campaign, and this could be the way to do it.


But I digress: ‘Halo Infinity’ is just a name and could refer to anything or nothing. It’s all speculation at this point, but speculation is often more fun than the official announcements, wouldn’t you say? We’ll update if any further details emerge regarding these domain names.


Source: Fusible

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