Download Fallout for Free, Get Bonus PC Classics

In the mood for some classic Fallout action? Well, is offering the first Fallout as a free download through to the end of Saturday, April 7th. It’s no hassle signing up for the website, and in addition to being able to snag this classic RPG for free, they give you a handful of other free games as well. Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, Teen Agent, Tyrian 2000, Dragonsphere, Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, and Treasure Adventure Game were all added to my collection. Nab Fallout at no cost and get a bundle of other free PC games (including some true cult classics) to boot? Sounds like a plan to me. Pick up your copy here.

4 thoughts on “Download Fallout for Free, Get Bonus PC Classics”

  1. I heard about this from a friend of mine and jumped right on it. What’s not to love about free games? Now if only they supported a Mac client that would allow me to play these games on my laptop. That would be awesome!

  2. That’s exactly it, dude. I wanna play on my Mac but can’t. Got a Japanese PC here but dunno if it’s compatible with the OS.

  3. Windows is Windows is Windows. If you can play it on Windows set in English, you can play it on Windows set in Japanese. The reverse is not always true, but I assume that has to do with how text is handled. My computer has the Windows OS set to Japanese and I have no problem with US games. If you want to go into the regional and language settings, you could even convert your OS to English US. I wouldn’t recommend that, though, because it could break any Japanese programs you have.

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