Gears of War: Exile Canned

When an upcoming release gets cut down, gamers generally react in one of two ways: with an internet-shattering cry of disappointment (think: Earthbound 64) or, less often, with a unanimous sigh of relief (think: Starcraft Ghost). The question is, which one of these reactions will greet the demise of the planned Gears of War game for Kinect? The little-known game will probably just go out with a murmur.


Gears of War: Exile was said to be an on-rails shooter, and while it’s hard to say what the actual game would have looked like,  Microsoft and Epic apparently didn’t think it was up to scratch. Cliff Bleszinski gave closure to the project’s status at PAX East, saying that it was canceled and nothing more would be said of it.


While it would have been great to see some content on Kinect geared towards hardcore gamers, the stars simply didn’t line up for this one.


Source: Gamespot

8 thoughts on “Gears of War: Exile Canned”

  1. Good riddance for bad rubbish. This never would’ve worked or be taken seriously in the first place, similar to that Fable Kinect game. These franchises aren’t meant to be casualized by the Kinect. Not hating the thing since there are some solid games for it (Dance Central), but developers have yet to fully embrace the tech and actually put effort into a true core title. In took years for the Wii to actually get some nice core games in so I’m not surprised that Kinect development has been slow. Perhaps the 2nd version of the tech with the next Xbox will prove me wrong.

  2. I’m kind of indifferent to this. Crimson Dragon will be the test for how well a hardcore game sells for Kinect. As a follow-up to the Panzer Dragoon Series (made by the original developers of said series) it uses your body to control virtually all aspects of the dragon rider. It’s another on-rails shooter, and sounds like it would have been similar to this project.

  3. This is good news. I for one love my Kinect, but only for casual party games with friends. I find people react a lot better to it since there’s no learning curve. You just go in front of the camera and do what sounds plausible. Hardcore games however might not work for this kind of hardware.

  4. On-rails shooters seem like a potentially good use of the Kinect. However, if the controls are buggy… I don’t play on-rail shooters often, so why would I buy a Kinect to play one when I could just go to the arcade? Something unique like Crimson Dragon, though, if pulled off well… I haven’t seen any arcade games that could do that.

  5. Kinect has thus far panned out to be just like the Wii for me: a huge letdown. The only truly redeeming aspect of either has been that they can obviously be used as a platform to bring non-gamers into the mix. The problem being that nothing truly substantial is there to keep them past the phase enjoying a novelty. Both can be fun at parties but are severely lacking in compelling software.

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