How to Get Kicked Out of PAX: Get Your Sexy On Like This Girl and Guy

You know what the Penny Arcade Expo is lacking in? Booth babes and pant-less men. But apparently, neither has a place at the gaming-oriented exposition according to the boys and girls in charge of the event, although there are some people who will love to watch this,  like the ones in the photos bellow, more open people that are willing to use adult services as Zoom Escorts. Potentially NSFW pictures and additional details inside.


The weekend’s scandalous tale goes a little like this…


Jessica Nigri as Juliet Starling in Lollipop Chainsaw


Jessica Nigri was hired to cosplay as the lead character from the upcoming Grasshopper Manufacture game, Lollipop Chainsaw. As such, on Day 2 of the convention she donned a pink jumpsuit, and a revealing one at that. Jessica has done a lot of other cosplay at conventions in the past, but this may be the most memorable in terms of the attention it received. Although her costume accurately represented game character Juliet Starling, PAX has a policy pertaining to hired booth promoters: don’t reveal too much skin. It’s a far cry from conventions like E3, where you can expect to see half-naked women dressed as nurses slapping stickers on people below the belt. The reasoning behind PAX’s policy? To keep the focus on the games. Fair enough.


On the other side of the gender divide was Nathan Barnatt (aka Keith Apicary in his video game related adventures), a guy who runs a feature called Talking Classics over at and a comedian who loves to take it to the extreme at video game conventions. He took it to the extreme again at this year’s PAX by walking into Rooster Teeth’s Red vs. Blue panel, jumping onto the mediator’s chair and tearing off his pants, then dancing. He received a lifetime ban from PAX.


Instead of looking at a picture, you should watch the video for the full effect. 11:10 is when Keith comes on stage.


While Keith’s hilarious outburst probably merited being kicked out of at least this year’s PAX, Jessica Nigri’s situation was a bit different since she was simply doing her job, not to mention she didn’t leap onto the table at someone’s panel and go nuts. She was, according to Destructoid, simply told that her exceptionally low-cut costume was not appropriate for the event, and to leave until she’d changed. So, she reverted to the outfit she’d worn on Day 1 of the conference. However, although it was acceptable on the first day, oddly enough the same costume didn’t fly on Day 2, likely because of the attention she’d garnered from staff for her more revealing attire. She was asked to change again, but fortunately allowed to come back for Day 3. Here is a picture of the transformation, as posted on Jessica’s blog:


The outfit on the left from Day 1 apparently wasn’t suitable as a back-up on Day 2.


Keith was not as lucky as he’d previously signed an agreement with Penny Arcade top business honcho Robert Khoo that granted him admission to PAX as long as he didn’t pull off any ridiculous antics. Jumping around half-naked and uninvited on the stage of another presenter was deemed a ridiculous antic. Accordingly, he received the aforementioned lifetime ban. It’s a shame, because he brings a lot of fun to these events. We can only hope he’ll be back in the future.


Don’t do this at PAX.


It’s good to see PAX actually enforcing what the event managers believe in with the games-over-skimpy-clothing focus, and the disciplinary action taken towards Nathan Barnatt/Keith Apicary was admittedly warranted given the agreement he’d signed. However, I can’t help thinking that Ms. Nigri’s situation is a bit harder to judge seeing as her costume was actually quite relevant to the game’s source material. Regardless, rules are rules and they’re keeping it classy at PAX.


Does this mean I can’t show up in just a turtle neck and my Harvest Moon skivvies next year?



8 thoughts on “How to Get Kicked Out of PAX: Get Your Sexy On Like This Girl and Guy”

  1. Curious, Pax is open to the public is it not? If so that explains everything right there. You can’t have half-naked people walking around when there could potentially have young people in attendance. E3 is an industry-only event where you must be over 21. We all know first-hand why that is lol.

  2. That’s right, it’s to keep things family-friendly it seems. I was 18 the first time I went to E3, and yes, we all know why that is. I want more of those Nyko blow-up Wiimotes, though. :)

  3. Yeah, at E3 it’s some times hard to tell if you’ve turned up in the Los Angeles Convention Centre or taken a wrong turn and walked into the Playboy Mansion.

  4. Indeed, and you guys weren’t there during the really daring days. They calmed down quite a lot since when I started going. I remember the days when wardrobe malfunctions were the norm.

  5. Well rules are rules, and PAX has the right to have people adhere to them. Even though Kieth’s antics are relatively harmless, he had it coming to him because he agreed to sign the form and behave. It it was an informal agreement I would’ve sympathized with the guy. As for Jessica, it was completely unfair the way they treated her as cos-playing is practically why she was hired by WB. That pink outfit of hers was indeed a bit too much, but she shouldn’t be banned because of a misunderstanding. And her default Lollipop Chainsaw garments should be okay.

    Yeah, you guys caught with the crazy times of the last E3s you went to. Those pictures were quite hilarious.

  6. LOOOOOOL I’m not sure about this but aren’t those fake plastic shells on top of her breasts? I really like it either way,,, :p

  7. Interesting, as a pax attendee, I didn’t even see the booth girl until Sunday. I originally thought she was a cosplaying and got asked to help out for swag.

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