Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6, and DMC Trailers Leaked

Let’s start with the biggest news first.  The trailer for Capcom’s Lost Planet 3 has leaked on YouTube, so be sure to check it out ASAP before it’s taken down.


Hopefully you managed to check the trailer out before the Capcom wizards work their magic.  The trailer clearly states the game’s release date is scheduled for 2013, and it looks like players will be returning to the cold for another awesome adventure.  Personally, I can’t wait for this one.  Really enjoyed the previous entries in the series.

As for Resident Evil 6, a new trailer has been leaked online, which you can check out below.

Notice anything different about the trailer?  Well for one thing, RE6 was supposed to come out in November, but now has a new release date of October 2nd.

We also have the brand new DMC trailer, which is rather revealing…but for different reasons than you might think.

We’ll be back later today with more information on these titles, and whatever else Capcom has up its sleeve.

8 thoughts on “Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6, and DMC Trailers Leaked”

  1. I had lost interest in the dmc series… until now! :) lokks badass. re6 too of course. I leave you with a vid of my own!

  2. Hopefully those DMC haters can shut up. This trailer is absolutely amazing and true to the series’ spirit. It also sports a dual world mechanic similar to A Link to the Past, which is rather interesting. I can’t see this game flopping at all unless it’s too short.

  3. Can’t wait for RE6, it’s gong to be all sort of awesome. And the new DmC looks rad. I don’t get all the hate for it. I loved 1, 3, and 4 quite a bit, this seems like just the thing to make the series fresh. Would the fans rather have had the series get bogged down with sequelitis and get stale? Give this new game a chance.

  4. It’s interesting to note that there’s “no plans at this time” for a Wii U version of Resident Evil 6, meaning that (at least) it’s not going to be a launch title. This gives me the eerie feeling that the reports about the system being less powerful than the 360 or PS3 might not be so far-fetched after all, especially if the $300 maximum price range on launch is true (considering the cost of the tablet controller as well).

    1. Sadly that’s my take on this as well. Unless Nintendo wants to have this game revealed as part of their E3 press conference it seems illogical not to have this onboard as a launch title unless the rumors about the system not being quite up to par are true. The more platforms Capcom gets this on, the greater the chances of success.

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