PS1 Classic. May 1st. The Legend of Dragoon on PSN. About Time.

The US PlayStation Blog just let the news hit today. The blog writer goes on further to explain that he used to work for the team and the sequel was unfortunately cancelled.

Anyway, I honestly don’t remember much about it. The timed-based battle system and the awesome soundtrack were highlights for me, but I remember feeling negative vibes as it ripped off the spirit of Final Fantasy VII back then…and I admit that was fanboyish of me. Dragoon was basically Sony’s first big budget in house game if you think about it, spawning their Japanese studio later to be known for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. I’m willing to give it a go for nostalgia’s sake. It’s been too long and my biased fanboyishness has mostly been eliminated. It deserves a fresh perspective.

5 thoughts on “PS1 Classic. May 1st. The Legend of Dragoon on PSN. About Time.”

  1. Wicked stuff. I’ll pick it up after I eventually finish Xenogears… got distracted from that task by Skyrim I’m afraid. >_<

  2. Legend of Dragoon was a game with a lot of wasted potential.

    The female lead was a serious pain in the butt who was useless in battle unless she was in dragoon form; unless all were in dragoon form, then NONE were, so she ended up being useless except in boss battles. The dragoon system was poorly thought out, which was too damn bad because it would have been badass otherwise.

    The thing that REALLY irked me, though, was that it is the most predictable game I’ve ever played in my life. I could tell was happening a disc ahead of time. I’m never playing that game again.

    1. I also remember the battle system to be really picky, Lena. Sure it was similar to Mario RPG with the timed button presses, but not as good as I wasn’t really sure when the exact timings are. I can’t even remember the Dragoon system or its plot to be honest. I’ve been quite surprised by the amount of fans that absolutely love the game though. As soon as the news hit, most of the comments were extremely positive and a lot of people are going to jump into this re-release. I’m skeptical, but since I don’t remember anything I’d really love to give it a go today. I also have the original disc but the PSN re-release comes with a convenient ability to play on your PSP.

      1. I usually end up disliking things that should have been great but were crippled by poor production choices. Now that I think on it, I think Legend of Dragoon caused that. Tangled is the latest thing in that chain. Tangled could have been the first animated movie to rival anything out of Pixar, but no. They had to screw it up.

  3. I barely remember this one. If I recall correctly, and honestly who knows, it featured some rather impressive visuals for its time, but the gameplay was really off. I’d have to give it another spin, but not worth purchasing as I have the disc actually easily available.

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