Gaming Log Playlist + Video Review: Xenoblade Chronicles!

Continuing where I left off in my personal channel, my let’s play of Xenoblade Chronicles changes direction as I convert to all English commentary due to the tumbleweed niche audience of Arabic/English dual commentary. In a unique twist, the first video of this session/playlist acts as a video review as well, reflected by my written review over at the site. The batches after the first video also touch base on a couple of review-like aspects in form of commentary, but it gets less and less as I play on.

Note: this session has twelve videos overall, each ranging from 15-30 minutes. They will appear as YouTube continues to process them, so keep it locked until they’re all done! In the meantime, subscribe to our alternate channel for more updates. Essentially, this channel is a placeholder for videos longer than 15 minutes as our default channel does not accept them for the time being.

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