Canadian Gamers – Episode 13

This is a long one guys.  Jarrod and Steven talk about their favourite Mario and Zelda games, discuss the latest news about Super Mario 4, and a potential sequel to A Link to the Past, and even touch upon the subject of how games today hold your hand as you play them.  All told, this is an excellent podcast, and we hope you enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 13”

  1. Great podcast, guys. The image of Jarrod heaving his controller around like a toddler while playing video games is too good, and makes me wonder about him since I never had this issue while playing NSMB Wii. :P

  2. Poor TP, it really hasn’t aged all that well. When I went back to replay it, I had a really good time with it, but there were many aspects that just didn’t age nearly as well as WW. Funny that, as we were all freaking out when it was originally announced.

  3. Your theory has proven true Jarrod :); SMB4 will be unveiled at E3 for WiiU. Whether it’s a launch title though remains to be seen. Well-done.

    I love ALttP too. I was actually grounded when my mother picked it up, and I had to watch her play. She used to be a gamer. Though she was merciful in letting me play the day after when she was finished. I don’t know if she ever finished it, but we both completed each quest of the original Zelda.

    1. Gaming Mom = cool. Even if she no longer plays as much. My mom dabbled in herself back when I was a kid, too. Although she really got into Link’s Awakening the most. That’s the time which I saw my mom play the most.

  4. My mother started and stopped with the original Mario. Could never figure out how to get the little guy where he needed to be lol.

    As for SMB4, I am super excited about this. If this does indeed turn out to be a launch title, Nintendo just got themselves a new Wii U pre-order ;)

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