Miyamoto to Reveal Super Mario Bros. 4 at E3 for the Wii U?!

You read that headline right folks.  According to Eurogamer, Miyamoto-san will be heading to Los Angeles, as he always does, to publicly reveal a brand new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii U at E3 this summer.  Just last week we heard that Nintendo of America grabbed the rights to the domain “SuperMario4,” and everyone assumed this was going to be for the 3DS considering all the talk about a new 2D Mario heading to that system.  During our recent podcast Steven and I discussed this very subject, with both of us saying a Wii U launch title would be much more appropriate for Super Mario Bros. 4.

So if it does turn out that SMB4 is indeed a Wii U launch title, you can be sure I’ll place my pre-order down the second I can.  I think many millions of people will do the same as well.  The real question is what this new game could be.  There are several popular theories going around right now, that perhaps this could be a direct sequel to the NES SMB3, as in feature the same graphical and sound limitations, but be an entirely new game.  Others are leaning more towards a fully 3D game, or even a brand new entry like New Super Mario Bros. except with something that links it more to the original trilogy.

Before anyone posts about Japan already receiving Super Mario Bros. 4, we’re all too familiar with that.  Most people simply referred to it as Super Mario World.  I mean honestly, just look at the box art.

I doubt very much anyone would complain about Nintendo releasing another game with the heading Super Mario Bros. 4.  Whatever ends up happening, this is an extremely fun time for longtime 2D Mario fans.

11 thoughts on “Miyamoto to Reveal Super Mario Bros. 4 at E3 for the Wii U?!”

  1. Nice. Knowing the internet rumors, this could very well be the truth. I’ve always been behind Nintendo through thick and thin, so having this as a Wii U launch title is an icing on the cake for me.

  2. The question is, what do you think this will be? It might indeed be a Wii U launch title, but do you think it will be made in the same vein as Mega Man 9/10 or something else entirely.

  3. If they go completely retro, it would make sense to launch the Wii U’s e-shop service with this title. Would be sweet, but it better support HD resolutions and widescreen so that the retro look will look great on displays. Mega Man didn’t support widescreen but it still looked clean for a retro title.

  4. Yeah I think that would be expected of Nintendo. I had this wacky idea that if you played the game on the TV you would get NSMB-style graphics, i.e. greatly improved visuals, etc., but if you played on the tablet you’d get NES/SNES visuals. I think that would be just an awesome gimmick.

  5. Dont forget that alongside this news also Miyamoto also mentioned Pikmin 3 Wiiu for E3, theres a chance it will be a Wii U launch tittle.

    1. I didn’t get into Pikmin 1 because of the dumb time limit…but Pikmin 2 was absolutely engrossing. I was so addicted I finished the the damn thing in 3 days or something. Part of the reason why it was great is that they removed the time limit. So yeah, count me in with Pikmin 3.

      1. Yeah I hear ya Ahmed. I had the exact same problems with the original Pikmin. I finished it and then never bothered with the second one because the time limit always stressed me out. I was unaware they removed that though, so that’s pretty cool actually. I might have to hunt that down one day. As for Pikmin 3, while I think it’s pretty nice to have one after all these years, the game just doesn’t have the international pull to bring in millions of users, which is a shame because it has the potential of actually utilizing the Wii U features perfectly.

        1. Yeah I was okay with the day/night cycle as it’s part of the strategic nature of the Pikmin games, but Pikmin 1’s 30 day time limit to complete the game was just stupid…which was thankfully completely removed in the sequel. Even the Wii port of the first Pikmin took liberties and removed the limit as well. Sadly, Pikmin 2’s Wii port has not been released in the US…only in Japan and Europe. That title should’ve been an easier one to hunt if it were US bound, Jarrod.

          1. I didn’t even know they re-released the original Pikmin for the Wii, let alone part 2. Well I might as well grab the GCN original if I can’t purchase the Wii remake here in North America. Thanks for the info Ahmed.

  6. Yup right you are. While I enjoyed the first two Pikmen, I’m way more excited over the prospect of having a brand new Super Mario Bros. for the launch. Don’t get me wrong, I’d buy Pikmen as well, but damn man, Mario FTW!

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