Pebble Breaks Kickstater Record

Tell me that doesn’t look awesome?  Pebble looks like it will be the most successful smart watch ever produced.  By focusing on iOS and Android, the watch’s developer has really struck a chord with fans of smartphones.  Having already passed the $4 million mark, Pebble has become the most successful Kickstarter funded project ever.  With over 30 days left for funding, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Kickstarter reach $5 million and beyond.

So what does this have to do with gaming?  Nothing, except that Kickstarter is proving to be a real viable option for anyone looking to release a game to the masses that publishers have decreed as “not worth the investment.”  Double Fine raised over $3 million for their new adventure game, inXile just passed the $3 million mark for Wasteland 2, and other, much smaller games are also doing incredible.  The Banner Saga and Shadowrun Returns  are both already funded as well.  Lena plans to do an article on Kickstarter in the near future so I won’t go on, but this whole fan-funded initiative is proving to be extremely successful, and exciting.

Now excuse me as I go pre-order myself a Pebble.

4 thoughts on “Pebble Breaks Kickstater Record”

  1. That’s a cool concept for a watch. I may jump in the bandwagon and get one, but the asking price is sort of steep. Then again, every time I get a watch I lose it. :P

  2. The retail price will be over $150, so coming in at $115 isn’t too bad at all, especially compared to other “smart” watches out there. I’m extremely interested in this bad boy actually because I think it will be rather useful for all the different events I take part in. Anyways, crazy how successful Kickstarter has been lately, no?

  3. Very cool watch. Wearing watches drives me nuts so I’ll skip on it, but those who pick it up will be in for a treat.

  4. I hope Lena takes this watch down in her notes for her upcoming Kickstarter article because hot damn this kickstarter just passed 6.3 million and has 24 days to go! Can you believe that? O_O Honestly at this rate they could pass the 10 million mark. It’s already the most funded kickstarter in history and it did so in only a few days. I’m in absolute shock over how many people are interested in this funky looking watch.

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