Operation Rainfall: Pandora’s Tower Pitch

You know what I love? Japanese role-playing games. Most of my favorite games of all time fall under this genre. You know what else? Xenoblade Chronicles is absolutely fantastic. I think as a fan, I can’t help but extend a hearty gesture of thanks to the dedicated fan-group “Operation Rainfall.” With Xenoblade already released in the United States and The Last Story set for release in June courtesy of XSEED, an excellent publisher, the group has almost completed what it has set out to do. Now there is only one game left in what has come to be known as the Operation Rainfall Trilogy: Pandora’s Tower.

Who else wants this game? I sure do!

The crew over at Operation Rainfall have started their new campaign to pitch Pandora’s Tower to potential US publishers. You can read a breakdown of their strategy here. If you have even the slightest interest in any of the games mentioned, you owe it to yourself to check out Operation Rainfall’s campaign page. They really are passionate and dedicated fans–and ones who arguably get results. They intend to pitch the game to publishers that already have a solid working relationship with Nintendo’s Wii console and who have experience with localization Japanese titles already. Prominent examples include: Aksys Games, ATLUS, NIS America, Rising Star, UTV Ignition, and XSEED.

To help seal the deal, these fans are sending promotional kits to the publisher. This will include: a copy of the PAL version of the game, high-resolution printouts of the game’s concept art, as well as printed copies of game reviews (not to mention the fan petition). To help them reach this goal, they are asking for donations via Pay Pal. I’ve done this alone simply as a gesture of thanks for bringing Xenoblade and The Last Story here. However, they are offering some neat rewards for fans. Particularly interesting is the “Tier Two” reward. For a $10 donation, you receive a 3-disc collector’s case made of high quality glossy paperboard, featuring the Operation Rainfall logo on the front. It is the unofficial “Operation Rainfall Collection” case. Pretty cool.

Note: Design isn't final.

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  1. Thinking of joining the cause. That custom cover sounds enticing. Pandora’s Tower from the UK is on its way to me so I’ll get you guys some gameplay videos soon.

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