Nintendo 3DS: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Do I need to say anything more?!?! No I don’t think so, but Nintendo 3DS owners will be very happy to know Mario is not done with the system just yet! In August 2012, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in it’s 2D platforming goodness folks.

Here’s a look at the very first screenshots released for the game.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: New Super Mario Bros. 2”

  1. Excellent. About time they made a sequel on the handheld. The first one was really easy, but the Wii sequel was absolutely awesome especially with multiplayer. Curious if they’re going to implement that for the 3DS or maybe include online play for once. I’m happy that the real Racoon Mario is coming back with actual flying and the P meter. That’s just classic stuff right there…but the question remains; what’s left for thr supposed Super Mario Bros. 4 on the Wii U? NSMB2 covers the retro bases really well…so how different will SMB4 be?

  2. I’m really curious about SMB4 too Ahmed. NSMB2 looks like it does indeed cover the basics. Perhaps the true vintage look is indeed what Nintendo will be going for with it, however recent comments seem to suggest otherwise. Now Nintendo is saying that the NSMB experience we had at E3 is the new Mario Bros. game being fully revealed at E3. That could just be to throw us off the trail, or perhaps SMB4 will only be announced at E3 and this other Mario is something else entirely? Whatever the case may be, you can never have too much Mario ;)

    I’m absolutely shocked at the release date. That’s only a few months away!

  3. Haha I’m looking forward to the game too. I must say, I never liked Mario games in full 3D. Platform games are a lot better in old school 2D in my eyes.

    1. You need to play 3D Land, it’s the best hybrid title I’ve ever played. It feels like a 2D Mario, even though it’s 3D. I really hope we haven’t seen the last of the 3D Land series. We all know how long Nintendo likes to keep their games on store shelves. I can see 3D Land being no different.

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