New Wii U Features Leaked By Rayman Legends Trailer

Some adventurous person leaked the first trailer for Rayman Legends on YouTube earlier today which not only revealed the game’s very existence, but also some rather neat Wii U features.  The first half of the trailer demonstrates a new engine running the game, which looks downright amazing.  The same wacky fun from Origins appears to make a triumphant return, but looks better than ever.  The trailer also confirms social media mini-games, online co-op and much more.

About half way through the trailer Wii U-specific features are shown off including the ability to place certain figurines on the Wii U screen, which are then transformed into in-game characters.  In one instance a heart is placed on the tablet and suddenly the screen fills with hearts.  In another a Rabbid is placed on the screen before showing up in the game.  This should sound familiar as the extremely popular Skylanders has been doing this for a while now, but it’s interesting to know the Wii U tablet can have the same functionality with what appears to be only a slight add-on to the controller.  Take a look at the square attachment on the tablet below.  Notice the Ezio figurine, a shame he was never shown in the actual game though.

The other feature that many will likely miss is that only one person is using the Wii U tablet, leading us to believe that the system will indeed only have support for one tablet.  The other three people playing the game in the trailer are all using Wiimotes to play.


2 thoughts on “New Wii U Features Leaked By Rayman Legends Trailer”

  1. This reminds me a lot of the Skylanders game currently out. I wonder if they are just integrating the technology from that game’s peripheral into the controller then? That’s pretty cool, what other applications could it have? I’m really excited to see what else the Wii U can do.

  2. We’ll find out in a few weeks. This is exactly like Skylanders, which I’m sure children will adore. I also loved how he goes to grab the Ezio figurine lol.

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