6 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops II Reveal Trailer Sets the Series into the Future!”

  1. That’s…..different. Never had the chance to play Black Ops, so I don’t have a clue what inspired this mech-filled CoD. Maybe this is Activision’s response to all the ridiculous hating on the Modern Warfare games?

  2. I think the reason for horses is because technology has been taken over by the enemy, it says so in the trailer ;) Anyways, I found that to be a very exciting trailer and am actually looking forward to this. Loved Black Ops.

  3. Aha. I didn’t notice, Jarrod. But yeah, I loved Black Ops, too. Got into it way more than MW3…so I’m looking forward to this one. But the problem is that because of the setting, it feels like MW3 at times…but not always. If it was more into the future, it would’ve looked a lot more distinctive.

  4. Yeah I hear you there Ahmed. I think we’re going to get a Future Warfare soon enough, but they have to be careful not to go too crazy here. They have a really good thing going for them and there’s a fine line they have to balance here. The most exciting news of all, a brand new large-scale zombies mode. It’s supposedly going to be the focus of the online mode, which is awesome because the zombie mode kicked all sorts of ass lol.

  5. Sounds nice. Maybe this will have me finally play Zombies mode. And the branching storyline is an interesting choice too. Wanna know more about multiplayer because I’m excited about that the most. Treyarch had some awesome and fun modes in the first BO that didn’t make it in MW3.

  6. I’m sure we’ll hear tons more in the coming weeks leading up to E3. Don’t forget MS always has a dedicated Call of Duty spot in their conference so we’ll get to see it all played live in a few more weeks.

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