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  1. I admit to eagerly listening to this for mention of Chrono Trigger, lol. My favorite game ever! Chrono Cross was pretty disappointing , too, I agree. I liked the game, but it didn’t feel like a proper follow-up. I can’t say much about Radical Dreamers because I didn’t live in Japan when the Satellaview service was running so I didn’t really get the chance to experience it, but I’d like to someday. Cross though…it just didn’t grab me. I didn’t like any of the characters. Trigger only had seven characters to pick from, but they are all unique, memorable, and charming. Crono, Lucca, Marle, Ayla, Robo, Frog, and Magus are all distinct personalities with their own quirks. Cross has something like 40 characters and I can barely remember a single one of them aside from Serge or Kid, and even those two characters have nothing on the original cast.

    A Link to the Past and Super Metroid are definitely on my list for best SNES games, of course. A Link to the Past is still just SO GOOD. I love the game world, the music, the bosses, everything. It would’ve been cool to see Ancient Stone Tablets get a US release via the Wii’s Virtual Console or 3DS eShop or something. As for Super Metroid–it’s just perfect.

    No Mega Man X for you guys though? I can’t get enough of X. I’ve probably beaten the first X game about 80 times.

    Also, you got Super Paper Mario for that cheap? Totally worth it, I love that game, it’s so much fun. It’s quite good, it’s a mix of platformer and RPG together, it’s very unique and fun to play.

  2. Tim X is on my list, of top ten. See this is what makes these lists interesting. Top 5 is not an easy thing to do when you consider all the games released on the platform. Tell me, what are your top five SNES games of all time? You’ll quickly realize that you have to drop certain ones down the list. I’d love to mention TONS of others, but that’s part of what makes this fun, you’re not allowed to do so mwa ha ha!

  3. Here’s mine for sure:

    1) Chrono Trigger
    2) Mega Man X
    3) The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
    4) Final Fantasy VI
    5) Super Metroid

    The only one I have trouble with is grappling between FFIV and FFVI, because those are some of my favorites in the franchise. That just reminds me I’d like to do a Top 10 RPG list too…anyway, my Top 5 SNES games list has pretty much always stayed rather constant. These five games are the ones I always go to play and are some of my favorite games ever. If I have to include more is where it starts to get tricky, because I also really like Super Mario World, UN Squdron, Act Raiser, Secret of Mana, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Earthbound, Mega Man X3, Demon’s Crest, Wild Guns, Soul Blazer, and Gradius III.

  4. That’s the most unique top 5 SNES games I’ve ever seen, so good for you Tim. You should have joined our podcast just to spice it up.

  5. If I go purely on what games gave me the best memories…though in no particular order…

    1) NHL 96 — I did so much with this game. I won at least 3 Stanley Cups…took the time to shift my players around to the point where every superstar was on my team…restricted myself to only wrist shots because I knew every goal exploit…etc. Good times :)

    2) Illusion of Gaia — I loved everything about this RPG. A great story with interesting inspirations from ancient cultures, and a great active battle system. Edgar FTW!

    3) Super Mario RPG — I thought RPG stood for ‘Rampage’; don’t ask. I also finished everything the game had to offer, except the 100 jumps in Booster’s Tower >_>

    4) A Link to the Past — It’s Zelda, duh.

    5) Mortal Kombat II — My brother and I don’t have much of a relationship, and playing this game was one of the few things we enjoyed together. He used Kung Lao all the time; I played whoever.

    6) Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge — I dug the Super Scope, and I beat the game’s final boss once…and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

    7) Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3 — My mom and I finished both games together. You can’t replace that.

  6. Justin, did you finish that annoying Jumping mini-game with the trowmp in Monstro Town? Man, I found that to be very, very hard to complete. But yeah, man, that game is the reason why I LOVE this genre. I didn’t know what RPG stood for, but it sounded cool. And to think I was about to skip the game just because I saw turn-based battles. I was this close to walking out the store, but as soon as I saw the demo playing itself with various Mario tributes like jumping and getting a Star in isometric 3D, I was sold.

  7. I’m glad we’re getting so many comments. This is great.

    I was also a fan of the Super Scope, shame it didn’t really go anywhere like the NES Zapper did. As for Super Mario RPG, I’ve been waiting for a sequel to that one forever! While I enjoy the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, they pale in comparison. To think we’ve never seen some of the characters introduced in SM RPG ever again. Such a shame I tell you. That game falls into my top 10 SNES games of all time.

    What about you Ahmed, what are your top 5 SNES games?

  8. I’ve never owned a SNES so here are the games that made me jealous at the time for not owning one:
    (in no perticular order)

    1) Mario Kart – I think this is the game that made me pick at my parents for giving me a Genesis instead of a SNES!

    2) Super Mario World – Of course!

    3) Contra III – Like Steven, I always enjoyed Contra on the NES a lot!!!

    4) Donkey Kong Country – To this day, the Donkey Kong Country series remains my favourite and “go to” when compairing other platformers.

    5) Super Mario RPG – That’s the game that got me into RPGs!

  9. Ok Pat, what are your favourite Genesis games of all time? I’m sure Steven and I will cover them eventually, but just to keep the conversation going.

  10. Whoa!!

    Catching me off guard here :)
    I’ll try my best!

    1) Sonic 3 – That game was great! Save files also meant I got to be Super Sonic for the first time :)

    2) Streets of Rage 2 – Probably the only game I played with my sister (And she got better at it than me!)

    3) Street Fighter II – Don’t shoot me! I know this isn’t exclusive but it’s what I played as a kid on my Genesis :)

    4) NHL ’95 – Took me a while before getting another NHL game. To this day, I don’t believe I played more seasons in one NHL game than this one.

    5) Eternal Champions – I would always switch between this one and Street Fighter for my fighting games. (Which I was big on back in the day)

    So thinking back, there were not too many glorious and memorable games…

  11. Well for me, I don’t know my top five, but I’ve got tons to pick from. The Phantasy Star series, Shining in the Darkness, the Sonic series, MK, Comix Zone, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Shining Force, and Gunstar Heroes are all incredible games.

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