Bloodforge Review

Bloodforge (Available exclusively on Xbox 360)
ESRB Rating: M
Players: 1
Genre: Action
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Climax Group
Release Date: March 28, 2012
Price: 1,200 MS Points ($15)

Parent Talk: The ESRB rates Bloodforge M for mature because of suggestive themes, blood and gore, partial nudity, intense violence, and strong language.  This is what to expect from a God of War rip-off.

Plays Like: Bloodforge is intended to be similar to God of War, but isn’t.

Review Basis: Read on to find out.

Our reviews usually break down into pros and cons. However, when coming up with something nice to say about a game is very difficult, there’s a problem. Bloodforge is one such game. I’m not shy to say that you shouldn’t bother with this XBLA release. If you’re the type that thinks games can be good because they’re so bad, try this if you must. I like the fact that developers are trying to produce console-like experiences for a bargain price, but Bloodforge needed to return to the drawing board. It’s just not fun, at all. They copied Kratos’s revenge quest. A god tricks you into killing your wife (sound familiar?), so you spend the rest of the game killing different gods in order to bring justice to the world or something. Sadly the characters are forgettable at best, the writing is terrible, and the voice acting is horrible.

That’s OK, it’s just the story, right? Games don’t need a good plot to be enjoyable. Look at Nintendo’s success over the years for proof of that. Unfortunately, Bloodforge’s gameplay isn’t brag-worthy either. It’s a hack ‘n slash title that’s hard on the eyes; you defeat the same enemies over and over. Simply playing might challenge some because the camera constantly shifts as you move. It almost made me sick on a few occasions. It feels wrong. Even if that was fixed, there’s still the dull and repetitive concept. You only kill enemies every 30 seconds or so, while exploring a bland environment that resembles the one you just came from. The only positive thing I can think of is that the bosses look wicked. That’s it.

The Xbox Live Arcade has seen plenty of gems lately (Walking Dead, Trials Evolution, Skullgirls, etc.) as we’re used to, but Bloodforge isn’t one of them. If anything, the game just lowered what we expect from XBLA titles. I know that the next Devil May Cry or God of War will be ten times better thanks to my experience with Bloodforge. Stay far away.

Final Score: 2.0/10

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  1. Well for me is a guilty pleasure, i enjoy the game, the only thing that got into my nerves was the horrible camera, people with motion sickness should stay far away from this game, the rest i enjoy it really i dig the style of the graphics and the gameplay.

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