360 Version of Minecraft Has…Wait for It…4-player Splitscreen Multiplayer! WOW!

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I honestly did not expect local multiplayer to be a focus of the 360 edition of Minecraft at all. The trailer first shows two player splitscreen and I’m like, “that’s pretty cool” and thought nothing of it. Then they surprised the heck out of me and showed freakin’ 4-player splitscreen and that opted at well-deserved “WOW” yell from me. I’ve never played Minecraft before but I’m now seriously considering grabbing the XBLA version due to 4-player splitscreen. Couch Minecraft may lead to an absolutely fun and frantic experience that can be enjoyed by my friends and I. Online’s still here, but local play is where it’s at for me.

6 thoughts on “360 Version of Minecraft Has…Wait for It…4-player Splitscreen Multiplayer! WOW!”

  1. I cannot freakin wait for this to come out. Loved the PC version, but the simplicity of LIVE will make this so much easier to enjoy with friends. Plus I played the PC version with an X-Box controller so this will not be a problem at all for me. Fantastical!

  2. I may finally join the fun and see what the big deal about Minecraft is. I know next to nothing about it aside from the impressive building videos I’ve seen through the years. I’ll contact you if I buy it because I’ll need a veteran to guide me through.

  3. How many online players does this support at once? I know nothing of Minecraft, but it’s my understanding that you can build whatever you want on a private server before making it public. Question is if we were to do that, how many of us can be on said private server? If you guys pick this up, I’ll be there too for sure because it’d be hilarious just messing around.

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