Let’s Talk About The New Super Mario Bros. Series!

Instead of doing a simple text article, Steven said it would be a good idea to do a little video, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.

The New Super Mario Bros. series reintroduced classic 2D gameplay to the Mario series, and old-school fans such as myself couldn’t have been any more pleased.  Since we already discussed, in great detail, our favourite platformers, let’s zero in on the NSMB series.  What did you like about the DS and Wii games, and what are you looking forward to in NSMB 2?  Leave a comment and let’s get the discussion going!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The New Super Mario Bros. Series!”

  1. I probably haven’t watched all the videos you’ve ever done, but this is definitely one of your best. I don’t know how some people just ‘talk’ like that without some kind of prompting. I can’t ad-lib for crap ;) Very well-done.

    I’ve only played NSMB and Galaxy, and enioyed both. The former is easy as you said, but I thought Galaxy was just as much a breath of fresh air with the franchise being in space. I think someday I’ll play Galaxy and G2 with my wife. I think she’d enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Justin. I plan to do a few more videos like this in the coming days. Now that my tripod arrived I no longer have to use my computer for recording. This was recorded in HD, but I dumbed it down to standard afterwards because the processing was taking forever.

    The next video will get people talking I’m sure because it’s going to look at the very best and worst compilations on the Wii that Nintendo has released. Since there are only two out there, that sort of gives it away lol.

  3. One was a SNES game direct from 1993, the other an (updated!) collection of two Gamecube games and one Wii game. Here’s hoping that the Kirby one will be great, but I’m still guessing that it’s just going to be the six Wii VC titles bundled together.

    Some of the non-Nintendo collections are decent, like SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 which has sixteen Neo-Geo games for a fraction of what you’d pay for them all on VC. Data East Arcade Classics (which seems to be hard to find) also looks nice, and has fifteen games. I don’t have either of those, though, but I do have Namco Museum Megamix which can be pretty fun to play every now and then. The biggest problem with that is that very retro games such as those get tiresome pretty fast.

    1. You guessed correctly lol. I am only going to focus on these two Nintendo-published games because I want to lead it into the Kirby Anthology and my hopes for it. How their best compilation title was ever made is beyond me because it goes against Nintendo’s “thing” right now lol.

  4. I really love the NSMB series so far. It’s a great throwback to the past and it stands in a welcome contrast to the excellent Galaxy series. I own and have completed the DS game and I’ve also played the Wii game extensively (don’t own it yet, but I’ll probably buy it eventually). It’s just great fun to play. The multiplayer makes for a hectic afternoon. It has a certain kind of maniacal glee to it, because if you want to, you can make life hell for your friends in that game–kind of like The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures. Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are both innovative, amazing platformers. They take Mario to new heights (pardon the bad pun) and both games are just high quality pieces of software. the New! Super Mario Bros. series is far more conservative, but great fun. I’m happy that Nintendo saw fit to revive 2D Mario and place it alongside 3D Mario.

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