5 thoughts on “Another Super Mario Bros. Wii Showcase Video!”

  1. This looks awesome Ahmed! Seriously I’m going to get this on my Wii later this evening. This looks like the single most impressive hack I’ve ever seen. I also watched their trailer for Newer Super Mario Bros. and it looks even more promising.

  2. Newer is a whole different beast! I seriously cannot wait for it, but with all the modifications it has I’m assuming it’s going to take some massive SD space. It was originally supposed to be released at Holiday 2011 but now it’s “when it’s done”. I’ll gladly wait.

    1. If you can only use up to a 2GB SD card, then it could take up the whole thing as far as I’m concerned. The latest trailers look outstanding Ahmed. Thanks again for letting me know about this.

    1. I tried out Brawl + and Balanced Brawl. Both are really good stuff. Can’t wait for Project M. As soon as it’s fully done, I’ll give it a try.

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