COE Spring Cleaning: Review Format Modifications and Clarifications!

So we’ve been going back and forth for the past week or so regarding certain issues and changes with our reviews. You might’ve noticed that two of us have experimented with alternate formats based on the “Great, Good, Bad, Ugly” one we’ve been using for the past year or so. The reviews in question are Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Deus Ex Human Revolution. The format used here likens certain aspects of the games to mainstream entertainment such as movies, music and TV, an experimental and thought-provoking process. However, not all games are qualified to have such comparisons so this type of review will not be the regular format we’ll be using. Instead, they will be put under a special banner called “The Like Review Breakdown”. Our regular format is here to stay.

Another change that will be effective immediately is the way we score games. If it was up to us, we wouldn’t be even using scores in the first place, but admittedly we do need them for wider exposure. As you can see, our scores also put the average scale of other sites into consideration, and the final score by the author is either inflated above the scale, neutral with the scale, or deflated under the scale. It was basically used to further show where the author stands in comparison to the average web scale. While ambitious, it has been deemed too confusing by some of our authors and readers alike. So these terms will be put under the “lowdown” banner and written in detail instead of using vague words. So in essence, we will only be using one final score from now on. The lowdown will further be expanded with the inflated/deflated opinions and the author will elaborate who should play/avoid the games in question.

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