Wii U Controller Now Has Analog Sticks?

Take a look at the following image very carefully.

Notice how the analog sticks are not flush with the system.  There was a rumor going around that Nintendo was going to revert back to more traditional analog sticks instead of the analog numbs found on the Wii U controller at its unveiling.  This patent, which Nintendo filed this week, clearly shows these are not the same analog nubs.  This is good news for those of use that like shooter because it also likely means these buttons will be able to be depressed giving us our much needed L3 and R3 buttons.  Couple that with the fact that traditional analog sticks simply feel nicer to aim with on a controller and I have nothing else to say.

I have to give a little shout out to my Nintendo-pyjama wearing friend for pointing me to Go Nintendo, who had this story up before anyone else.

Now it’s your turn.  Is this an improvement, or were you looking forward to use nubs instead of classic analog sticks on the Wii U?

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