Activision/EA Court Wars Due to Call of Duty Over! Joint Settlement is the Verdict!

Finally, after almost two years of ridiculous back-and-forth lawsuits, yelling, dissing, and back-stabbing (all of which has been leaked onto the Internet), EA and Activision are done with leaking their cash to their lawyers and courts…wising up and settling this matter out of court. We may never know the terms of the settlement, but this breaking news happened just as Activision seemed to be at some disadvantages. New York Times ran a news post claiming that Activision tried to find some dirt on West and Zampella, and their plead to delay the trial has been denied and things were supposed to run on schedule on May 29th. Sounds very fishy to me, eh? Either way, Activision had a lot of bad rep with this case to begin with as they are the ones who started all this mess with their initial (and arguably groundless) lawsuit.

I can see Activision’s horns shrinking in size. It’ll be awhile until they have a halo instead though.

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