Nintendo 3DS – Square Enix: Heroes of Ruin Preview

With Diablo III now out for gamers to enjoy, the action RPG dungeon crawler titles are pretty big right now, and the 3DS might have an awesome gem in the works from Square Enix and developer n-Space. Their current project is Heroes of Ruin, and I must admit I’m very impressed with the preview videos I’ve seen so far!

Exclusively built for Nintendo’s 3D handheld system, the game will feature local and online multiplayer up to 4 players. Good stuff right? Well let’s check out those excellent preview movies I was talking about.

Gameplay Trailer:


Multiplayer Walkthrough from IGN:


I might be glued to my 3DS if the game delivers on gameplay, fun and other key features. Right now it’s looking like Heroes of Ruin will do just that! The release date is coming up fast, and should be in stores on July 17th, 2012.

The game will support voice chat options, which will be very important when you play online with friends. Also, there’s a very unique feature whereby new daily challenges can be downloaded to your handheld using the SpotPass system.  I’m really looking forward to that myself.  I’ll post more information on Heroes of Ruin as soon as new info is available. In the mean time, you can check out the official website for up to the minute info on this very promising title!

Please let me know what you think about Heroes of Ruin.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS – Square Enix: Heroes of Ruin Preview”

  1. A 3DS game with online voice chat? Sounds good to me. Nintendo’s support for voice chat in online games has been so piss poor that this is refreshing news. The game itself looks quite good. Gonna keep an eye on this one!

    On a side note here, the LA Kings destruction-fest continues. You must be proud, Tim!

  2. I’m interested in this title, I’ll definitely give it a look. The 3DS library is getting better all the time, and that makes me quite happy. Graphics looks nice for the system and it seems to run well despite a lot of action on the screen. Was there any mention for StreetPass functionality? I would imagine they could have some cool ideas there.

  3. Yes I’m very proud of my Kings man! They are now the Western Conference Champions!!! Go Kings Go

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