Rumor Mill: Epic Star Fox/Metroid Crossover in the Works for Wii U by Retro!

Move over, Smash Brothers! There’s a new crossover game in town that’s supposedly in the works for the Wii U, conjured up by the creative minds at Retro Studios. What better than to put Nintendo’s two space franchises in one game? The Star Fox team and Samus Aran will battle evil side-by-side in a Wii U project of epic proportions, tentatively named Fusion Saga.

This link spills all the beans and honestly, I would say take it with a grain of salt until E3 2012 since this is still categorized as rumor…but that link is way too detailed to be rumor, so I’m honestly excited because this could be the best thing to ever come out of both franchises. Excellent idea by Retro if this proves to be true. Fusion Saga will have elements from both series, as you control Samus in an FPS perspective, but as soon as you head to the ship, it’s all Star Fox. Brilliant I tell you. If this isn’t true, then Nintendo should seriously make it happen. As of now though, count me as a believer.

The link says that this project has at least been pitched up as a concept by Retro. As the reporter continued to dig for months about Retro’s next game, this crossover is the closest he has ever come to getting real details. I don’t think Nintendo would pass up on a concept as grand as this since Star Fox and Metroid would mesh together so well as a grand adventure. As long as both series are space oriented, leave it to the writers and developers to turn it into canon. Star Fox needs this crossover as it’s been a dead series for years, and what better than Metroid and Retro to revive it? After all, the Japanese-produced Other M did not live up to expectations in the long run.

Thanks to Shinesparkers for notifying us of this wild rumor. See you guys at E3 as soon as this is revealed.

7 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Epic Star Fox/Metroid Crossover in the Works for Wii U by Retro!”

  1. Yeah I think this could actually work. Having Nintendo start to flesh out a unified universe could actually make for some really wacky concepts down the road. This one meshes particularly well so long as they do it right. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of E3 this year.

  2. On the one hand, you have people who complain about Nintendo being too conservative and rehashing essentially the same games over and over. I’m one of them, and I think something like this is a good idea as long as it’s done right, as said above, because Nintendo really needs to return to the glory days of the SNES and be more innovative, or risk falling far behind both Sony and Microsoft.

    On the other hand, I’ve already seen some people complain about how this idea is the worst thing ever and could ruin those two franchises. Well, after Other M, Metroid has nowhere to go but up…

  3. Part of me is really excited for this and another part doesn’t fully approve of this crossover. I think it will be an extraordinarily fun game if true, but my inner fanboy is worried. While I think the game could “work,” one of the things that I liked so much about the Metroid universe is that it has a more lonley, somewhat more mature atmosphere, especially for a Nintendo game. Star Fox, on the other hand, tends to have some playful campiness. Mixing the two together would destroy any sense of seriousness there could possibly be. I’m all for playfull campiness, that’s one thing I like a lot, but I feel weird having that in Metroid.

  4. Tim, what if Retro purposely brought that seriousness to the Star Fox franchise though? I’m all for combined universes when it makes sense, and if done correctly this could be really something. I’d love to see Fox and the others more serious, but we shall see what happens.

    1. That’s the thing, it’s kind of a tall order for the Star Fox franchise. I’m really curious how Retro would do it, if it’s even possible. I’m not so sure I can take Fox and company so seriously when put alongside Samus Aran and the world in the Metroid universe, but I guess I’ve have to wait and see. Star Fox Command tried to insert some more melodrama into the universe and it didn’t work out so well. Adventures did flesh out the universe quite a bit, showing Fox visiting different planets and interacting with different creatures. Still, it’ll be an interesting crossover and I don’t want to dismiss it outright without giving it a chance.

      I think the crossover I’d like to see Metroid do (though I admit it is absolutely impossible) is Alien. Metroid already seems so indebted to the franchise–Samus’ mortal enemy Ridley is supposedly named after Ridley Scott. It would be neat to see Samus fighting Xenomorphs, or maybe some kind of hybrid/mutated alien made when Metroids are introduced.

      Come to think of it, the title seems interesting: Fusion Saga. Could that just be a reference to the idea of fusing different franchises? Or could it be a direct reference to Metroid Fusion? That would be pretty cool. Or further still, “saga” seems to imply something ongoing, not necessarily limited to one game. What if we’re looking into a series of crossovers? What else could be done? Maybe The Legend of Zelda meets Fire Emblem? Star Tropics meets Mother/Earthbound meets Pokemon? Mario meets Donkey Kong meets Kirby? There are so many cool ideas for crossover games. Super Smash Bros. was the easy route, because taking a fighting game is so simple. You can disregard canon and construct a game with relatively safe gameplay concepts. Building a new game around other franchises can be trickier.

  5. I understand your conerns, Tim. Very valid ones, too. But I think Retro can pull it off. A serious Star Fox with a certain type of humor quip (ala Star Trek) can fit well in the Metroid Universe.

    You’re right about the working title though. Nintendo can actually take this to the next level.

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