EX Troopers Looks Amazing

CAPCOM has apparently let slip an announcement for a new 3DS and PlayStation 3 game titled “E.X. Troopers.” I could not be more pleased. The game appears to be some kind of spin-off to the popular Lost Planet series, which is still going strong with a third game in the works. E.X. Troopers looks to be a combination of anime-style cel-shaded visuals a la Jet Set Radio or Valkyria Chronicles, combined with frantic third-person shooter gameplay reminiscent of Lost Planet or the underrated Gunvalkyrie. There appear to be shades of Mega Man Legends in there as well, prompting fan theories about the project and lots of speculation among fans. I believe that the development team behind MML3 was disappointed about having to abandon their hard work, and probably felt compelled to re-use some assets from that game in a new project either to save time or just to honor their past work. Either way, I don’t plan to dismiss this game, because it looks like the action game the 3DS needs right now. Below is a trailer for the game.

What do you guys think? Personally, I’m excited for this. It’s a new IP, it’s colorful, it reminds me of several titles I enjoy, and it just looks like great fun. There appears to be a bizarre community backlash against it from Mega Man fans, and as someone from that community, I simply cannot agree with it. Some fans are just going to hate without reason, apparently. What is really strange is that it was announced for 3DS and PS3, and not PS3 and Vita, or Wii U and 3DS.

UPDATE: After seeing this story on a popular Mega Man blog, I thought I’d go ahead and share. Apparently, Seth Killian at CAPCOM stepped in and made a comment about the game during the last “Ask CAPCOM” thread on the official site forums.

“For what it’s worth, I can tell you I played an early version of this game (which was styled in the same way, and with what looks to be similar gameplay) in Japan well before the Legends project ran into trouble.  It is definitely not a reskinned Legends.  I have not played EX Troopers for quite a while, but once more details emerge about the gameplay, I think it will become clearer that this is the case. 

At the time I played it, the projects did not share members. Since the MML3 team is now on other projects, it’s conceivable some are working on this title, but that would be the extent of the overlap so far as I know.”

So there you have it. Some fans probably won’t take the quote as truthful for whatever reason, but then again, these fans may be committed to antagonizing the game or the company in general regardless of what happens, unless Legends 3 comes back. I don’t really understand it. Either way, I’m excited for this game and hope it gets a US release. According to some sites, the game has been licensed in the US and Europe already, so perhaps an announcement will be coming shortly. As for the similarities, my guess it that the similarities in visual style simply stem from the fact that both games are based on the MT Framework Engine, which you may remember is also used in Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Lost Planet.

2 thoughts on “EX Troopers Looks Amazing”

  1. This game looks like a lot of fun, but I didn’t see anything that screamed MML3 to me. The mechs do remind me of the Zone of the Enders games.

  2. I’m really confused by the platforms, like REALLY confused. The trailer above is clearly for the 3DS version, but are they specifically making a PS3 version with super advanced audio visuals? That seems really counter-productive given how every single game is practically multi-platform these days. The game itself looks interesting, and I’m curious to see more videos of extended gameplay sessions, but I really want someone to answer why this is being developed on the PS3 as well.

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