Rumor: Castlevania Heading to the 3DS

Let’s make a long story short, Dutch site, N1ntendo, was able to get their hands on Konami’s E3 briefing schedule and in among all the other undisclosed announcements the company plans to reveal Castlevania: Mirror of Fate.  To validate the site’s findings, Konami actually owns the domains and  Interesting, no?

David Cox and Enric Alvarez, producer and director/writer of Lord of Shadows are said to be heavily involved in this new 3DS exclusive.  That’s about all the information we’ve got at this time, but it certainly seems possible to me.  I just hope it’s a 2D Castlevania because I adore them, and it would be a perfect fit on the 3DS.  Would do you guys think of this?  E3 is only a few weeks away now, so we’ll know the truth soon enough.

6 thoughts on “Rumor: Castlevania Heading to the 3DS”

  1. I saw somewhere that Castlevania was possibly coming to the Vita. Now that I see the rumor stands for 3DS as well, I think it heightens up the chances of an upcoming portable Castlevania to be true!

  2. I’m gonna bet it’ll probably come to the 3DS, given the popularity of the series on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. I absolutely loved Aria/Dawn of Sorrow on the handhelds, though the rest of the games were pretty great too. Didn’t care too much for Harmony of Dissonance on GBA though (the sound was terrible), but all of the others were great. If you they do make another 3D one, I hope it’s like Lord of Shadow. That was a fantastic game. I’m really surprised it didn’t do better, because it beautiful visuals, a very interesting story (I’m not kidding, it’s a legitimately excellent mythos), and amazing art design. I absolutely HATED everyone calling it a God of War clone though. That makes me want to run out and scream at people. God of War was not the first game to pioneer third-person action games and simply having a whip attack doesn’t mean it’s a ripoff of Kratos’ blades. You’ve been using a whip in Castlevania since 1987!

  3. If it’s going to hit one portable, chances are the 3DS over the Vita, given the history of the franchise. What’s interesting is that the follow-up to this rumor says a 3D sequel to Lords of Shadow is coming to the PS3, 360 and Vita, and an enhanced version will be hitting the Wii U.

  4. Yeah Tim God of War was such a mainstream success that people tend to forget that, while it was an excellent game that brought together many elements seen before, it didn’t invent them.

    As for Lords of Shadow sequel, count on it based on the rumors out there. They said a 3D sequel is in the works for the 360, PS3, Vita, and an enhanced version is also going to hit the Wii U. It will feature some sort of connectivity with Mirror of Fate on the 3DS as well.

  5. If that’s true, I’ll definitely get Castlevania on 3DS and Wii U, for the connectivity features. Maybe PS3/Vita. But not 360. Not really planning on buying many more 360 games, honestly. I’ve kind of given up on that system.

  6. From what I’m hearing it seems the 3DS/Wii U seems to be the target platform Konami is going after. The two are supposed to have all kinds of features not present in the others, and the graphical engine is supposed to be far more impressive running on the Wii U hardware. We’ll know for certain in a few weeks my man.

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