“Staples Center will host the Stanley Cup Final in the next 5 years” — Timothy Magana June 2010

These were my own words two years ago, when Project COE was outside Staples Center before the E3 started!!! As many of our fans know, Project COE has a lot of hockey fans, and I’m a huge LA Kings fan! Still a n00b compared to the likes of Steven and Jarrod, but a fan of the sport nonetheless!

When I was showing the gang the Staples Center, and the LA Live areas I told everyone this: “The Staples Center will host the Stanley Cup Final in the next 5 years.”  At the time, I’m sure everyone thought I was way out of my mind and crazy when I made the statement, but tonight LA beat the Phoenix Coyotes in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. That’s right the Los Angeles Kings are going to the Stanley Cup Final baby!!! The Kings are the 2011-2012 Western Conference Champions, and I’m hoping they will win their first ever Stanley Cup title next month!

Go Kings Go!!!


11 thoughts on ““Staples Center will host the Stanley Cup Final in the next 5 years” — Timothy Magana June 2010”

  1. Congrats Tim. That handshake at the end was so forced though. You could feel the tension in the air. Should be interesting to see how the Cup finals play out.

  2. Man, LA seems to have a horse shoe up their ass when it comes to conference finals and overtime missed calls. Brown delivered a knee on knee hit to Rozival after and blown offside nonetheless and received nothing, on what should have been a 5 minute penalty. LA scores seconds later. This sounds extremely familiar…….

  3. Steven and I were talking about the Brown hit a lot this morning. It sucks Rozival got hurt, and the handshake indeed feel forced. I think there is a real hatred between these two teams now. Before, there was not much of a rivarly for LA and Phx. But that’s changed and Brown will get some payback next season

  4. WOW man that’s pretty epic indeed! I’ll try and get pictures of the parade if the Kings win the Cup next month!

    1. Just take it all in man. Take it all in. I vividly remember the parades back in 1986, 1989, and 1993. There’s nothing like it, so be sure to take pictures, go to sports bars before the games, etc. Just enjoy every last second of this because who knows when the next time will roll around.

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