Debut Trailer & Info for Ron Gilbert’s The Cave

Adventure fans it’s time to get excited.  Ron Gilbert, the main behind some of the most famous adventure games ever made is releasing a new game in early 2013.  It’s being published by Sega, and being developed by the awesome folks over at DoubleFine Productions.  We’ve got the first trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The very first thing you can tell from the trailer is that the game will feature a little of that awesome Metroidvania style everyone loves so much.  Players can expect puzzles galore and a really quirky storyline.  Sega revealed a few hints in their press release:

If you enjoy rappelling, spelunking and dark rocky caverns then be prepared to be disappointed! And then intrigued. And then AMAZED. And then disappointed again, but only for a minute. Then relieved, amused, bewildered, excited, and satisfied. In that order.  Your first clue that The Cave is a place like no other will come just after you assemble your team of three unlikely adventurers – each with their own unique personalities and skills – and stumble across a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready to launch nuclear-tipped ICBM.

Ron Gilbert, the main man behind Maniac Mansion, and the first two Monkey Island games had the following to say about The Cave:

The concept of The Cave has been bouncing around in my head for many, many years, and then the little voices that tell me to do things said it was time to make the game. I’m thrilled to be working with amazingly talented folks at Double Fine and ecstatic that the team at Sega believes in adventure games and quirky ideas.

I’m a big fan of classic adventure games, and this one looks really unique so I’m going to check it out for sure.  It’ll be released on PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade sometime in 2013.  I’m sure I’ll be updating this story as time goes by so mark my words, this isn’t the last time you’ll hear of THE CAVE!!!

4 thoughts on “Debut Trailer & Info for Ron Gilbert’s The Cave”

      1. Kind of surprised that Sega jumped in an original IP like this, considering their current financial situation. On the other hand, Double Fine’s recent Kickstarter’s success may give The Cave an excellent push.

        1. I’m pretty sure this deal was secured long before the Kickstarter project Ahmed, because DoubleFine would have needed the money to create what you see in that video. I think the Kickstarter success enabled them to keep the project going though, especially after all the recent cancelations and restructuring at Sega.

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