Mega Man 25th Anniversary…what is CAPCOM planning?

CAPCOM recently announced an amazing collector’s package for the Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary, in addition to an ambitious tournament plan for July. What about CAPCOM’s other famous franchise celebrating its 25th? I’m a huge Street Fighter fan and plan to purchase the collection, but I’m sure that many other people aside from myself are excited about the idea of an ambitious anniversary project for the blue bomber. CAPCOM USA’s own Brelston (who you may know from his posts on the official CAPCOM Unity blog) has taken to twitter, hinting at the possibility of plans for Mega Man’s birthday. Below are quotes from his Twitter. Special thanks to Protodude’s Rockman Corner for the report!

@Brelston¬†Regarding Mega Man 25, that info is also coming, but later, as that’s not until December. SF is the focus right now – tournament in July!

@Brelston¬†We’ve already begun discussing the NA plans for Mega Man 25. There are things in motion. No deets yet, but I am in the room and helping :)¬†

Intrepid fans have also uncovered the official 25th anniversary logo, but not much else has leaked out. If I had to guess, I would say that the company is holding out until E3 or later in the year to reveal plans for the franchise. Mega Man’s official birthday isn’t until December, so either something will be released then (possibly some kind of anthology collection) or plans will be revealed for projects leading into 2013.

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  1. Yeah not sure if they’ll want to mention this at E3 if they plan to focus on September’s SF anniversary. We’ll see soon enough, but I hope it’s good, whatever it may end up being.

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