Canadian Gamers – Episode 19

This is a very special podcast because Steven and Jarrod talk all things comics.  From the comiXology app, to why superhero books haven’t evolved much in the last forty years.  They also highlight a few adult-themed books we’re sure older readers will enjoy.

Hope everyone can take something away from this week’s podcast.  It’ll likely be the last special podcast until the big E3 conferences hit in just over a week.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 19”

  1. Yeah great podcast guys! As for the comic gifts, I don’t want you spending money on me man! I feel bad about that, and I have started reading my books again. I have SOOO much to read, I need to make some ground before trying other series etc

    Oh and the superman I agree with 100% as well! I think they are doing that with the Earth 1 OGN’s no?

  2. Kinda ironic that the topic is about comics and the podcast is called canadian gamers. How about canadian geeks? Sounds way cooler if you’re going to continue on with comic talk in the future. :)

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