Stanley Cup Final 2012: Kings vs Devils

We are only a few more days away from the start of the Stanley Cup Final! This year, it will be Los Angeles Kings vs. the New Jersey Devils, with LA starting on the road (happens when you are an 8th seed team). Game one is going to be huge for both teams, but LA has not lost a road game during these playoffs! Can the Kings continue to be the road warriors, or will the Devils break their winning streak on the road?!? We will find out all these answers in a few days folks!

Now, for my predictions for the Stanley Cup Final.

The Kings in 6 games, and LA will win their first Stanley Cup! I think this series will be tough, but the Devils will have a hard time with LA’s size and better defence. Also, I think Quick will outplay Martin Brodeur as well. No matter what, this will be a great series and a good amount of your COE staff WILL be watching the Stanley Cup Final!!!

Go Kings Go!

What about the rest of you. Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup Final this year, and how many games will it take?


2 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Final 2012: Kings vs Devils”

  1. Heh,

    For a while now the Kings have been my second favorite team behind the Habs.

    Watching all teams play during the playoffs I feel it’s not even fair that the NHL hasn’t given the cup to the Kings yet and call it all off!! What kind of team is in the positive for their PK stats??? That’s crazy!!! They’re just build for playoffs and have a great all around complete team!

    Go Kings Go!!

  2. I did thought the new york rangers will win, since 94 nothing, thats the first year i watched the NHL and since then became a rangers fan, but well iam getting used of the devils winning the rangers XS, now i will go for the underdog go Kings, is good to be the king.

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