Bethesda Announces Doom 3: BFG Edition for 360, PC, and PS3

Way back in August 2004 id Software released Doom 3 for the Windows PC.  It was a massive success for the company.  It would eventually be ported to several other platforms including the original Xbox back in 2005.  Today Bethesda has announced a very special edition is going to be hitting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime later this year, called Doom 3: BFG Edition.  This new edition will feature completely remastered graphics, and contains hours of bonus content, the original Doom 3, the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil and seven brand new level entitled The Lost Mission.

Not only will the engine receive a significant boost in graphics, but the audio has been remastered in 5.1 Dolby Digital, and fully supports 3D HD displays.  id Software has added a new checkpoint saving system for smoother progression, and created an armour mounted flashlight, allowing players to see in the dark while holding a weapon.

Here’s a little teaser trailer Bethesda sent our way.

Looks pretty snazzy doesn’t it?  I remember buying a $4,000 computer just to run Doom 3 back in 2004.  Oh, that was a monster rig back then.  I’m looking forward to checking this back boy out when it’s finally available sometime later this year.  For now let’s see what John Carmack, Technical Director at id Software has to say about this new version of Doom 3.

DOOM 3 was enthusiastically embraced by gamers worldwide at its release.  Today, the full experience has been enhanced and extended to be better than ever, and is delivered across all the platforms with a silky smooth frame rate and highly responsive controls.  New support for 3D TVs, monitors, and head mounted displays also allows players to experience the game with more depth than ever before. We think shooter fans everywhere will love it.”

If all of this wasn’t enough, players will also receive the original Doom, and Doom 2 as part of the BFG Edition.  What do you all think of this?

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    1. Yeah you mean like me lol. While I thought it was interesting and it sure kept the suspense high, it wasn’t very realistic because we can hold a flashlight and gun at the same time so why couldn’t our character? I’m actually really looking forward to this. For anyone who hasn’t played Doom 3 before, this is going to be an excellent way to jump in.

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