Namco Bandai Announces Tales of Xillia 2 For PS3

This announcement has nothing to do with E3, it’s just perfect timing.  This weekend Namco Bandai is holding their Tales of Festival event in Japan, and their big announcement was that Tales of Xillia 2 will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 sometime later this winter.  Naturally this is only in Japan for now, but I hope it makes its way to Europe and North America sometime next year.

Here’s the debut trailer, and a quick look at some gameplay.

The sequel takes place exactly one year after the events of the original. Decisions will play a key role in how you play this game. You might decide to skip fighting a big boss character, which will then change the story later on. You’ll also have tons of smaller choices, to help customize your gameplay experience as you see fit. Meanwhile the combat system, currently referred to as the ‘Cross Double Raid Linear Battle Motion System,’ will feature tons of customization options as well.

Ayumi Hamasaki stay on to perform the theme song, while Ufotable is taking care of all the game’s animation. Namco Bandai promises to reveal the exact release date and further information on June 27th, so importers of long-time Tales fans haven’t got long to wait.

2 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Announces Tales of Xillia 2 For PS3”

  1. Did we even get Xillia 1? I don’t think so. It’s rather atypical of them to follow up a Tales games with a sequel, since it only happened twice in the series (Symphonia and Phantasia).

    I always enjoy it when Tales games make it outside of Japan even though I don’t get around to play them. I’m just happy to have them here. I wonder how Graces F and Abyss did in terms of sales though? I think up to this point, the most successful Tales games on a worldwide basis is Symphonia…which is incidentally the only Tales game I’ve played. One of my favorite GameCube games and RPGs in general.

    1. It hasn’t been released in Europe or North America as of yet, but strong rumors suggest it will be coming later this year. Who knows with the Tales series though. I hope it comes our way because I’ve always enjoyed this series.

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