E3 2012 – New 3DS Patent Reveals Top Touch Screen & Vibrating Stylus?

So this is kind of an interesting concept that may turn into potential E3 news, seeing that the patent has been filed 2 days ago. Using a special stylus and an attachment to the front camera, it may be possible to equip your 3DS with a fully functional top screen that gives us the ability to manipulate objects in a 3D space. The added bonus is that that stylus may have a built-in rumble function, too. All in all, these are very interesting concepts that may turn into reality at E3 or TGS 2012. Add these features to a right stick and we may see a 3DS revamp that includes everything early next year.

2 thoughts on “E3 2012 – New 3DS Patent Reveals Top Touch Screen & Vibrating Stylus?”

  1. I’d have to actually hear Nintendo explain this via a game because it sounds neat, but obviously it’d be better to grasp with a nice demonstration ;) As for the remodeled 3DS, I expect it to be announced this year, but I’m not holding my breath for E3 only because they have so much Wii U stuff to cover. Who knows though, stranger things have happened.

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