E3 2012 – Nintendo Direct Broadcast Live Blog!

That’s right folks.  This is where all the magic will happen.  Hopefully a few COErs will be able to join in on the fun.  The magic happens at 3PM PDT, or 6PM EDT, but I’m going to open the event half an hour early.

2 thoughts on “E3 2012 – Nintendo Direct Broadcast Live Blog!”

  1. What a great way to kick off E3! I still have lots of questions. I’d like to know how I can communicate with one and only one person from game to game. The tech is there, but I’d like to know 100% it’s possible to chat with a few friends instead of the whole Miiverse. I love how it is the first thing you see, the fact that even games I don’t own will be featured, etc. Very impressive stuff. Like Marc-Andre said, it’s crazy how Nintendo goes from nothing to everything lol.

    So another question is, what happens to all our WiiWare/Virtual Console goodies we downloaded? Do they transfer over somehow?

    It sure looks like there will only be one tablet controller per system, which is where the traditional controller comes into play.

    I think eventually we’re going to see some really impressive integration with the Miiverse, like being able to call a buddy directly from the console, not just via cellphone. I still have tons of questions, but I’m super pleased how this started.

  2. Everything revealed today sounds very enticing, but as you suggested I’m left with a couple of questions, too. I also like how Mal put it in the podcast. It should be a new viral slogan or something. Nintendo: from nothing to everything. The Wii was the least connected console online, and now the Wii U is looking to be the most social one of all. Add Facebook and Twitter integration to the Miiverse and you have a fully living and breathing community of gamers connected online.

    As for the VC transfers, I’m assuming that there will be a way to carry them over similar to the DS to 3DS. We’ll have to wait and see for that.

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