Full Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation Video + Highlights + Burning Questions!

The basic highlights are:

1) All modifications to the Wii U controller which have been leaked/rumored are confirmed, including the clickable control sticks and the NFC functionality. Lots of recap from last year’s demo reel.

2) New Wii U Pro Controller which resembles the Xbox 360 shape and feel but the button layout looks like an inverted PS3 controller. Looks good.

3) Nintendo’s integrated UI for a full social network service, named Miiverse. It’s basically a 24/7 Twitter/Facebook-like feed for the Wii U which is easily integrated into the games themselves. It has a lot of potential.

Burning Questions:

1) No sign of how the console looks or any graphical specs whatsoever.

2) How many Wii U tablets can be used with one console?


Update:  (Jarrod hijacking!)

We’ve also learned some new info about the Miiverse thanks to closer inspection of the above video.  There are several tabs players can use once they select a game from the Miiverse home screen, such as Activity Feed, Plaza, Messages, and News.  The Activity Feed is likely what your friends have to say about the game, or perhaps your accomplishments (could we see something like an achievement system?).  The Plaza highlights everything going people are discussing about the game at that moment, and you can leave a comment or just check out what people are saying.  The Message tab is fairly self-explanatory, and News will likely be any new updates coming to the game.

One thought on “Full Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation Video + Highlights + Burning Questions!”

  1. One thing that’s neat is that the geeky gamer is using a black Wii U GamePad and console so I’m wondering if they’ll have both models available at launch. It seems odd that they’d showcase that coloured console today and not have it ready for launch. Funny but the white one is primarily used for the old footage from last year.

    Those are burning questions, and I still want a real walkthrough of the Miiverse to get a better understanding of all its features. I also wanted to mention that Nintendo has come out and clarified that the Miiverse will only be available on the Wii U at launch, and will “eventually” be available on 3DS, PC, and mobile browsers.

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