Stupid E3. You Made Me Forget COE’s 8th Year Anniversary!

Goofy pose from an infamous game cover.
The Things I Do for Love...

Screw E3! This is a lot more important! Our ever-growing and most popular gaming media site EVAR has turned 8 years old…2 days ago! I haven’t forgotten this milestone in years, but thanks to the dumb Wii U tablet that’s doomed to fail and the PS3 and 360 chugging along with cheap cash-ins, I forgot our site anniversary this time around…and in honor of that, you will all be punished with the photo above and some upcoming ones by the staff if I nag them enough. For all two of you reading–I mean, for the millions…and I mean MILLIONS…of our supportive and interactive fan-base…this is a celebration of awesomeness.

So, yeah, I don’t have anything else to add that I haven’t said last year. Stupid E3 will bury this earth shattering milestone as it is.



12 thoughts on “Stupid E3. You Made Me Forget COE’s 8th Year Anniversary!”

  1. HAHAHAHA Good one Ahmed! :) Epic troll photo! And if you don’t mind me saying, you are a good looking man sir!

    cou cou

    1. It’s what I do, Marc. Trolling on our 8th year anniversary. Now post up your troll picture! Make a goofy face while holding any game with the number 8 in it! Make this viral!

      Thanks for the flattering compliments, man. I haven’t shaved in a while so I assumed that I looked like ass. :P

  2. Damn it Ahmed I don’t have anything in this whole bloody house that has an 8 in it lol. This is crazy! Not a single thing!!!

    Are you still up for the Cover it Live event in a few hours?

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