E3 2012 – Microsoft Press Conference Trailers Including Halo 4, Fable: The Journey, and More!

Let’s get the ball rolling with Fable: The Journey.

Loco Cycle – We know virtually nothing about this one except that it’s from Twisted Pixel. Isn’t that enough?

Matter – From the director of Pirates of the Caribbean comes an interesting Xbox Live Arcade exclusive.

Dance Central 3 – This is Steven most anticipated game of the year, and rightfully so, it looks great.

Gears of War: Judgement – Not being made by Epic Games, but still should prove to be a promising new entry in the series.

South Park: Stick of Truth – This one looks hilarious, and I simply cannot wait for its release.

Ascent: New Gods – I’ll admit this one looks extremely generic, and you can feel Microsoft was looking to pad their conference with anything and everything they could get their hands on.

Forza Horizon – This one is a radical departure for the series, but it could be another excellent racing game.

Resident Evil 6 – Microsoft may not have this game exclusively, but they debuted the trailer so I’ll give them credit for that.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – I already talked about this one in the Ubisoft article, but it remains saying again, can’t wait for it!

Tomb Raider – Easily one of my most anticipated games of 2013.

Halo 4 – This is the big one. Nuff said.

Microsoft had a decent conference, and way more trailers than I realized. Hope you enjoyed them, and what games are you looking forward to?