E3 2012 – Nintendo E3 2012 Trailer Explosion

Well I posted article showcasing the best trailers from the Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft conferences so it’s only fair I do the same for the big Nintendo conference that wrapped up a few hours back. Sit back and enjoy.

LEGO City: Undercover – Ahmed really nailed it when he said “GTA for kids,” as that sums it up perfectly.

SiNG – This one looks like a slightly modified version of SingStar if I’m to be completely honest.

Project P-100 – I have no idea what this is, but it’s from Platinum Games and was part of Nintendo’s E3 media assets.

Wii U Fit – Looks a lot more fun than the previous games in the series, and what’s with the new add-on?

New Super Mario Bros. U – This might just be more of the same, but it looks awesome and the background look incredible. This is certainly a day one purchase for me.

GamePad Virtual Tour – A showcase video demonstrating the new controller. Always useful.

Piken 3 – Easily another day one purchase for me.

Wii U Lineup Trailer – Typical trailer montage.

While Nintendo may not have had all the surprises we were hoping for, they demonstrated some interesting software. They’ll be releasing more videos in the coming hours so I’ll update as they get published.

In the mean time, what did you think of the Wii U and which games excite you?

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  1. It was a bit of a letdown, honestly. What interested me the most was Lego City, ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U. Though in the latter case, I’d liked to have seen something quite a bit different from the base formula that started in 2006. It’s basically New Super Mario Bros. Wii HD, with new levels and powerups… even the two generic Toads are coming back.

    It has some good third-party games, but the majority of them are already on the PS3/360 so anyone who already has them would probably pass. Arkham City’s control scheme looks interesting, but it’s not something that’s going to make me want to buy the system on day one. Nothing else shown at the show was either.

    Reactions across the net have been very mixed when it comes to Nintendo Land. I think they wasted too much time focusing on it… if anything, I thought Nintendo was going to get away somewhat from Miis and casual games but they’re into both more than ever now, it seems. It looks like a crossover between the Mario Party series and Wii Party, which might be nice for some but not for me. I think I groaned out loud at the fireworks display at the end of the broadcast, which sums up how I felt about the whole thing.

    I was concerned about the battery life on the controller, but sources say that it’s 3-5 hours (probably close to 3).

    No Smash Bros., Zelda, or whatever title(s) Retro are working on. Many are disappointed that there was no Metroid game of any kind announced. Also, no Resident Evil 6… I was almost expecting this to be announced but it wasn’t. Combined with Nintendo not being clear on the system specs, this really does make me think that the system is a tad underpowered and they’re going out of their way to hide it for as long as possible. Overall, I’m going to pass on launch day (which is nothing, since I never buy any system when it comes out) and until there’s something that really makes me want the system.

  2. The reaction from across the web is rather shocking, but at the same time not really. This conference nailed home one very clear problem Nintendo has, they don’t know what to do with the Wii U. Pikmen 3 has two completely different control schemes. Sure giving choice is a good thing, but it feels tacked on. The same can be said of of some of those Nintendo Land mini-games I’ve seen. I think Nintendo is going to have to go back to the drawing board on this one and really think of where and how they want to go about launching this system. To be perfectly honest looking back at the conference now, I have this feeling like we’re still over a year away from the console actually debuting.

  3. The broadcast started out pretty well, but immediately dropped in quality as soon as they demonstrated Just Dance 4, Sing and Nintendo Land. In all three cases they seemed to just drag on and on forever… also, where were the 23 games? Unless my brain is skipping, I don’t think that many games were shown.

    Also, the constant use of the phrase “asymmetric gameplay” makes me think that Nintendo is trying to make a new selling gimmick like they did (at first) with motion control. The only use of it I’ve seen that looks interesting is “Boost Mode” in NSMBU where the player with the Wii U Controller can help out another player by adding things onto the screen. However, if you play single player you’re out of luck in regards to “asymmetric gameplay”… in all cases it’s been multiplayer-only, and in the case of Just Dance 4 pretty useless and embarassing.

    The Wii U is set for a holiday release, so we’re only supposed to be half a year away… maybe it would be better for Nintendo’s (and the gamers’) sake if they delay it and go back to the drawing board as you’ve said.

    No word about the Nintendo Network, in particular the Wii U version of the Wii Shop. I honestly think they’re probably going to revamp the Wii Shop Channel, and have it open to both Wii and Wii U users but with the latter having the ability to buy Gamecube, WiiUWare, etc… games. I do hope there’s a transfer ability for purchases and game saves, because if I get a Wii U I’d like to have everything all on one system. First-party Gamecube games like Super Mario Sunshine, The Wind Waker, and Super Smash Bros. Melee (possibly upgraded for battling online) are likely candidates for downloads.

  4. I’m pretty sure more details will trickle as the showfloor coverage starts popping up. They can’t hide everything. Besides, they said that they’re going to offer more details in their networks, and we’ll eventually get the information we need. But they should’ve at least glossed over their plans for downloadable titles. If they cut down the focus on Nintendo Land, they would’ve had time to touch base on their download plans.

    As for the trailers, that PlatinumGames game came out of nowhere. There’s also some screenshots for an upcoming WarioWare game for the Wii U, which is a perfect fit obviously. I have a feeling that I’ll have a lot of fun with this new WarioWare.

  5. I’m sure more and more details will be released in the coming weeks and months leading up to the system’s release. The underlying problem that the media seems to be sticking with is this confused message of exactly what the Wii U does, and who this machine is aimed at. Reggie says it’s for the hardcore, and then spends the next 30 minutes showing off casual games. Know what I mean? It’s like the message isn’t being translated very well right now, and the first hands-on impressions seem to be saying the exact same thing. Who exactly are Nintendo aiming this device at?

    Hardware wise, we’re going to have more concrete info later on, which is perfectly understandable. I’d expect the network to be fleshed out at that time. I think Nintendo will head back to Japan after E3 and look over what everyone is saying, and likely hold another conference to make things a little more clear. Even Reggie and the guys at Nintendo seem a little confused how to properly pitch the device.

    The Wii was immediately accessible to the entire planet because of its simplicity. It was like playing with a stick, which magically turned into a tennis racket or a sword, which is how Nintendo scored their casual fanbase. The Wii U has no such luxury, and seems overly complex in comparison.

    The other huge news released today was that Activision has no plans to support the Wii U at launch. Makes you wonder if there’s a reason for this. Were they told the sales pitch and just as confused as the rest of the media? Just some food for thought.

  6. I guess Nintendo didn’t court Activision enough? A port of Black Ops 2 for the Wii U released with the other versions would help Nintendo immensely, but it looks like this isn’t in the cards currently. What’s ironic is that Activision has been supporting the Wii with ports of Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and MW3…released with the next-gen versions…and nobody even asked for these SD ports, but they’re actually selling modestly well. So an HD port of Black Ops 2 for the Wii U should be a given.

  7. I was surprised of this myself, it wasn’t until I started reading a few other sites that it dawned on me that Activision was a complete no-show. The other big surprise was the complete lack of support from Japanese studios such as Capcom, Konami and Square-Enix. Not a single thing in the works from any of those companies? I find that hard to believe, but the Japanese press is highlighting basically everything we already saw today, which is odd. Typically some smaller Japanese games would be revealed in Japan around the time of E3.

    Anyways, Nintendo still has some time left to do whatever they feel is necessary and I think once they get home after E3 they’ll realize some mistakes were made and change their schedule moving forward. I didn’t think the press conference was a disaster, but it was disappointing that more core games weren’t either shown or announced. Also, like I’ve said several times already, the biggest concern of mine is the overall lack of focus.

  8. Yeah, man. Roles sort of flipped here as the Japanese third parties are the ones which tend to support Nintendo out of the gate, but only PlatinumGames and Tecmo are on bored thus far. Almost everything else is western and most of those games are enhanced ports. Maybe we’ll see some wild appearances being reported in the showfloor, but I’m not holding my breath for surprises. Perhaps the Japanese don’t want to take that ‘enhanced port’ mentality and instead want to create experienced from the ground up? It’s just obvious either way that Nintendo’s still holding on to their cards for later reveals. They’re hiding a lot of stuff.

  9. Yup yup, they sort of have to be. It’s surprising to see them want to do that with the system launching in six months though. Now would be the perfect time to come out of the gate strong and just go wild. For all we know though they could hold a conference each and every month up until the system is released so we can’t completely write it off at this point like so many other media outlets are doing.

  10. Man I’m just happy Nintendo is now HD and the graphics won’t look like ass anymore. LEGO City: Undercover is pretty sweet btw. I like what I saw in the preview. As for the rest, where are the heavy hitters, Nintendo?!?

  11. Yeah I had one problem with their conference that you guys didn’t cover yet but I’ll get to that later. You’re making me realise about the lack of hardcore Nintendo games and 3rd party support. It really doesn’t feel
    Ike the system is releasing in just a few months!

    So what disturbed me the most and where I keep saying that Nintendo will fail is with the specs of the machine! It’s only just matching up to the Ps3/360 while those are about to be replaced with most likely a big improvement. That’ll leave 3rd party Devs really choosing between Wii U or PS4/Xbox 720.

  12. I have to admit, I’m let down by Nintendo this year. I wish they were more up-front about details about the console (price and release date). With that being said though, I’m still quite excited about the Wii U console and I will probably be getting one this year. I think there are plenty of cool ideas for development and I imagine that in time, there will be a lot of must-own games for me. At launch, I imagine I’ll get Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3, though Project P-100 and Batman Amored Edition (I don’t own Arkham City yet anyway) may be ones I’ll get.

    I can only hope that Nintendo will make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show this year to unveil some more progress. I’d like to see more of the online strategy, some content on the eShop, and so on.

    I’m kind of expecting a repeat of the 3DS–it’ll be slow at first but it’ll pick up later.

  13. That’s exactly what I think, it’ll have a slow start. I was hoping for confirmation on EA and Activision support, because that will be crucial for North America. I also hope Nintendo shows a little more focus in the coming months because I’ve watched a ton of stuff today and every other video I watch about the same game I hear different things. It seems more and more like they just haven’t quite hit the nail on the head with the idea. The most promising game right now is ZombiU, it looks original and tries something completely different. It’s also an extremely hardcore game.

  14. ZombiU does seem pretty neat. It reminds me a lot of Left4Dead, but with more of an emphasis on survival and character management, rather than quick bursts of action. It’s also cool that one character is basically in charge of all the enemies, too, like a DM. The Wii U Game Pad is also used in quite a few neat ways, like the scanning feature.

    By the way, did you hear that you can transfer games purchased on the Wii over to Wii U? I just saw that over on Operation Rainfall’s blog, wanted to know if you had heard about it.

  15. Yeah Nintendo is saying they’ll release more info on this when they discuss more hardware features. Still very good to have confirmation on that.

  16. Is anybody else getting sick of New Super Mario Bros.? It’s not exactly “new” anymore, isn’t it?

    There’s going to be four games in this series (and probably more still to come)… Nintendo is really playing things too safe with this. I’ve seen 2D Mario fan games with much more innovation and creativity.

    Nintendo only made one Super Mario Bros. 3. It’s still loved today as one of the greatest games of all time. If they’d went on and made three more games within six years that basically use the same graphics, music and engine, everyone would have been tired of it and moved on to better and different games. There’s absolutely no way they would have gotten away with such a thing then, so why can they now?

  17. The New Super Mario Bros. upcoming games are definitely sure-fire hits for Nintendo. At least they’re not doing this on a yearly basis like another series I know of, you know. It took them three years to bring back the series again, but this time they’re going for two separate games. The past two games were hits, despite the Wii version having a bad rep of looking, playing, and sounding similar to the DS installment. It’s Mario. What could go wrong? It’s safe, but very solid 2D platforming…which will cause a surge in system sales, especially since now the Wii U version is a launch title. Unless the sales drop, they’re going to keep doing this as it makes sense. Just be happy that they’re not milking it as bad as Call of Duty.

    To be fair though, they are thinking outside of the box with the 3DS installment by integrating coin collecting into gameplay. So it’s different from the Wii U’s multiplayer-focused aspects. I wish that they would’ve really taken a bigger risk and replaced Wario with Mario in the 3DS installment as Wario is synonymous with coins and greed. A Super Wario Bros. would’ve been an awesome concept.

    I do agree with you with the continuous use of the same engine though. While gameplay will definitely be fresh in the upcoming NSMB installments, using the same engine is sort of a cop-out. HD backgrounds looks particularly great in the Wii U version, but it is the same engine optimized. If they were losing money or the series had lackluster sales, I would’ve understand cutting costs by using the same engine. Nintendo’s current case doesn’t reflect so though. They should’ve at least changed the art-style but kept the same engine intact for variety’s sake. Still, not really upset by this as long as both games play great. After all, they do experiment strongly with the 3D installments, almost always building them from the ground up. Super Mario 3D Land is a recent testament to this.

  18. I’ve always hated the NSMB name, really stupid I found. It really looks dumb now, NSMB 2, really? As for the games themselves though, the first one was released on the DS back in 2006 and that was the only one that hit the DS. The Wii game was released in 2009, and we’re getting two this year. I personally don’t find that overkill because I’m a major 2D Mario fan. What I dislike is reusing the same engine over and over again. What they did with the Wii one felt lazy (in terms of look), and the fact that two generic toads are back for the Wii U one makes them appear even lazier than before. I also dislike that you, yet again, have to shake the remote in order to have Mario do his spin attack. I haven’t read online yet to see how it plays with the Wii U GamePad, but I hope they have a touch screen button we can press instead. It never felt quite as fluid with as it was on the SNES.

    Nintendo has slowly been increasing their output of Mario games over the years though. Back in the day we had quite a few Mario games get released as well though, which people tend to forget. They all looked quite different though. Super Mario Bros. (1985), Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988), Super Mario Land (1989), Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990), Super Mario World (1991), Super Mario Land 2 (1992), Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994), Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario 64 (1996), and then the huge hiatus until Super Mario Sunshine hit in 2002. I didn’t include the entire Wario series, nor the other Yoshi game that was released on the GCN, but the point is to show there have always been a good stream of Mario games until the big wait between Mario 64 and Sunshine. Today though, check out all the games we’re getting from NSMB onward.

    NSMB (2006), Super Mario Galaxy (2007), NSMB Wii (2009), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010), Super Mario 3D Land (2011), NSMB 2 (2012), NSMB U (2012). That’s almost every year a new Mario, which is similar to what was happening from 1989 until 1994, although those games were significantly different.

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