Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Trailer Easter Egg — Mario Strikers Charged Reference

I immediately called this as we were live blogging the 3DS presentation yesterday. Go check the live blog out if you don’t believe me! Quite a few fans on YouTube caught this easter egg too, which proves how excellent Next Level Games’ music is. Anyway, notice the elevator music at 1:42 of the Luigi’s Mansion trailer…sounds very familiar, right? Yes, the elevator music is an arrangement of Mario Strikers Charged’s “Pause Menu Music”. Pretty logical as the developer of Luigi’s Mansion is also Next Level Games, but it looks like the same composers will be featured, too.

Anyway, go over on YouTube and catch up on the soundtrack of Mario Strikers Charged. It’s a brilliant rock-oriented soundtrack with plenty of experimentation with techno, country, jazz, and some funk thrown in for good measure. Here’s one of my favorites, The Classroom. If this played in my class, I would’ve never slept in.

6 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Trailer Easter Egg — Mario Strikers Charged Reference”

  1. This was a great catch Ahmed, and obviously highlights your interest in game music in general. I’m really looking forward to this game, as I was a huge fan of the original.

    1. Thanks, man. I’m happy that there are a few more who caught the same thing, so I’m not the only one out there.

      What irks me are people who call Luigi’s Mansion a second rate game. To me, it was one of Nintendo’s riskiest launch titles in general because it’s so different from what we’re used to in Mario games. And Luigi’s scardy cat persona is hilariously well done.

      1. I concur. That was a HUGE risk back when the GameCube launched in 2001. At that point I think people were just sad that we didn’t get another full fledged Mario game since ’96, and everyone really wanted one. That said, to call Luigi’s Mansion second rate is full of it. It remains a visual powerhouse that holds up incredibly well even today. As far as I’m concerned this is a sequel we’ve waited far too long for.

        You know what cracks me up with Nintendo, is that they really follow their own rules. What other company (besides Blizzard) would wait over a decade to release a sequel? They do this all the time to. They rest a franchise for a solid five to ten years and then bring them back as if nothing happened. Metroid was another series like that. From the early 90s all the way to the early 2000s. Crazy stuff.

  2. Yeah, man. It’s not like the rehash every single franchises they have. A lot of their franchises rest 3 years, 5 years, and maybe even more. I don’t think they have specific rules for this….just the right place/right time mentality, like Pikmin. They could’ve rehashed it like every two years or something, but we haven’t gotten an installment in years.

    The gap between Mario 64 and Sunshine was painfully huge. Same goes to A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. I can no longer wait for so long to get my fix.

    1. I think the only franchise that’s really seen an explosion of releases lately is Mario, everything else has been all over the place. Just look at F-Zero. When’s the last time we had a new one of those?

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