The Silence is so loud it’s Deafening

Dedicated to the man-child in us all…over one man-child in particular

With E3 wrapping up in just a few more hours, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what wasn’t revealed at E3 this year.  Sure there were conferences galore, we got to see the Wii U make a big splash, we got to see some killer portable games, incredible looking Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, but it was what wasn’t discussed that has me the most excited.

So what am I talking about exactly, well only this.

That’s in-game Star Wars 1313 action for you.  That’s what you’ll be playing when the game is finally released sometime in 2013 or 2014.  That said this isn’t going to be an article about 1313 itself, but rather about where the title is heading.  When LucasArts was asked what platforms the game would be arriving on they answered, “We haven’t determined that just yet.”  Currently the game is being made on ‘top tier’ PC hardware.  Now let me ask you a question, when was the last time you heard of a huge game like this, only being made for the PC, that was published by a company whose name doesn’t begin with the letter B?  Yeah, I can’t think that far back either.

That means, and based on all the different developer commentary I’ve been listening to, that this is an unofficial next-gen console game.  We know it was developed on the Unreal Engine 3.0, and requires insane specs to run.  What those specs are exactly aren’t being revealed at this time.  So ladies and gentlemen I think what you see above is your very first look at a potential launch title for the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox.  That’s exciting, and also gives us a clear idea of what PC games can look like today with extremely high specs.

LucasArts wasn’t the only one who showed off software that felt next-gen.  When Ubisoft debuted Watch Dogs everyone started speculating that it was going to be an early next-gen release.  The studio’s press site later confirmed it is currently targeting the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.  Let me remind you how awesome it looks.

Do you really see that as a PS3 and Xbox 360 release, I mean honestly?  The demonstration above was captured running on a ‘cutting edge’ PC, and it sure looks it.  With no official Ubisoft representative saying this is only coming out for the current gen, I know where else this is going to show up.  Both Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 both look a little too good for the hardware we currently own.  I might be wrong, as I usually am, but seriously I think this is your very first glimpse into the future consoles.

The next indicator comes from the companies themselves.  Both Microsoft and Sony have been talking to the press rather extensively about their future plans, or rather the lack thereof.  Both companies assert the fact that their current consoles are doing very well and they feel no pressure to jump the gun and release their next-gen hardware anytime soon.  Truth be told both companies invested millions in R&D, marketing and manufacturing of their respective consoles.  Why would they be in a hurry to ditch them and move on?  The answer is, they aren’t in any hurry, which is why both platforms have a nice stream of software on the horizon for both 2012 and 2013.  At the same time, it’s evident that both are moving on to greener pastures.  This year’s E3 felt like a transition year throughout.

It’s clear to me that publishers aren’t waiting around; they’re interested in creating the next big thing.  Whether or not Watch Dogs or Star Wars 1313 are indeed based on future home consoles, both these studios want to push new boundaries in audiovisual interactive entertainment.  They’ve whetted our appetites, and what we’ve seen here at this year’s E3 is only the beginning.  Come this time next year I’m positive the wait for the traditional next-gen will be over.  It’s at that point when the silence will end, and the deafening will begin as publishers from all over the world drum up hype for the next-generation.

3 thoughts on “The Silence is so loud it’s Deafening”

  1. Yeah you might be on tomething here ol man. I myself am in absolutely no hurry for next gen and feel lucky that most consoles will offer 1 or 2 (3 for xbox) more years then a normal console’s life cycle. And from what ive seen, the jump in visuals will not be as noticeable this time around, it will have more to do with physics and AI. The next generation could very well be the last one as I think consoles are a dying breed. I expect that in 10-12 years, every game will be released on one console instead of having 3 different companies battling it out for your hard money. I doubt it will be a viable market for 3 giants at that point.

  2. Yeah Steven look what’s happening now. Nintendo is smart to try and do their own thing because the market won’t support 15 different console markers that are all doing the exact same thing. This E3 also changed the gaming landscape a bit now that Samsung has teamed up with Gaikai. That might not seem like much now, but just imagine, every single TV Samsung puts out that has WiFi will not have a Gaikai app, which means you can play Mass Effect 3 on every Samsung TV. That’s crazy talk!

    I think this could be the final console generation as we know it as well. Sony is in a world of financial trouble and will likely wrap more and more services and platforms under the PlayStation umbrella in the next five to ten years. Microsoft is going to do much the same with their Xbox brand. Microsoft’s ultimate goal is likely to try and merge, at least as much as possible their Xbox brand into a software solution like Steam. In fact I’m sure they wish they thought of that earlier because Xbox Live Marketplace is a gold mine for these guys, but they haven’t had as much success bringing that to PC. If they can somehow bring it to mobile devices though and then merge everything together they could really be onto something.

    I’m very curious to see what happens next year because as far as I’m concerned the next-gen is practically here, and as you said, I’m in no huge hurry.

  3. Visual graphics are amazing and they can only get better in the years to come who knows maybe at one point if the world doesn’t end in december :P we might have holograms ;)!!!!!

    If I have to say something about visuals is as great and amazing as they are I find they focus too much on visuals rather than actual gameplay and story. For me as great as it is to see some movie like cinematics and visuals game now lack longevity and excitement. Games become too linear because of lack of disc space and its not what they used to be. Back in the day I would keep most of my games because you know what I didn’t mind going back through my catalogue and replaying games that enriched me with adventure or hard puzzles, now I buy a game and when it’s over its back to EB for a trade in for something new because they don’t hold as much replayability value for me when I can finish it in 10 hours ( yes I play alot of games so 10 hours is probly 2 days of playing for me) but I remember playing Resident Evil 1 for example and had such a hard time figuring out the recipe to kill the plant or finding an emblem to put somewhere and even after finishing it once i replayed it probly 5+times.

    Not that I’m loosing interest in gaming because if i take Diablo 3 for example I probly already have 150 hours into it and I’m enjoying it more and more, but for me more and more i get dissapointed with most new releases because as great as they were I just can’t seem to want to play it again, for some games trophies/achievements is what keeps me playing it more than once.

    So when it comes to next Gen consoles I’m not that hyped in finding out what comes next because I feel like the more visuals and graphics come into play actual gameplay decreases.

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