Epic Finally Unveils the Unreal Engine 4

I promised you all we’d hear more about the Unreal Engine 4 at E3, and now I’m not a big liar.  Thanks Epic!  The studio has finally allowed us to post the Unreal Engine 4 teaser trailer which is currently running on a PC build from “over the counter” parts.  This demonstration is using the new Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 680, but we don’t know much else about the specs of the rest of the machine.  Funny, because this is the graphics card I’m looking to order for the computer I’m building.

At this point in time Epic is saying that developers from all over the globe are lining up to be the first to get their hands on the new engine.  It won’t “ship” until sometime next year, but it’s a promising teaser trailer.  Everything you see in the trailer was constructed in real-life.  Couple this engine with the new engine from  Square-Enix and it looks like both East and West are going to be showcasing some truly spectacular looking games starting sometime next year.

So what do you all think?

6 thoughts on “Epic Finally Unveils the Unreal Engine 4”

  1. That’s pretty darn impressive! But it’s from a high end PC like you said. What will the new consoles actually be able to support is another question.

  2. Yeah. Very impressive stuff. I highly doubt developers will adapt it ASAP though since most already are using highly modified UE3…and they still look very “next-gen”. Games like Star Wars and Watch Dogs use UE3 so the need for UE4 right now is not exactly “must have”. Developers are getting the most out of it though, as the demonstration shows.

  3. I think this demonstration, the Square-Enix engine, and Watch Dogs gives us a very good idea of what first-gen titles on the next-gen hardware will look and sound like. While they may not be quite as polished as a game engine reel, they will certainly be impressive enough to warrant a purchase. What boggles my mind is this. If these next-gen games are going to look like this, what the heck will the high-end PC games look like in three years from now? O_O

    1. Yeah, man. While the graphical quality of games aren’t that big of a leap from UE3, the things they’re doing with the lighting effects are just mind-boggling. And of course, the developer-oriented features of easy editing and such look to result in tighter games with minimal bugs and easier cycles compared to UE3.

      1. I had a whole bunch of trailers Epic sent our way, but this is much better so thanks for posting Ahmed. Since I can’t post anything on YouTube without getting copyright notices, this works perfectly. This new engine should help game developers significantly, but as you said most will stick with U3 for the time being. That said, the prospects for the future are outstanding.

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