Square-Enix Brings Final Fantasy III (DS) to the PSP in Japan

I find this a little funny myself, but Square-Enix is bringing a remastered version of Final Fantasy III (DS) to the PSP.  They even released a teaser trailer to get fans excited.

The biggest news is that we have an official release date, which is September 20th.  Final Fantasy III (PSP) will be available for ¥3,990 ($50 USD) on UMD and ¥3,300 ($40 USD) as a download from the PlayStation Network.  New features include a new 16×9 resolution, an auto battle option, and the ability to switch between the original Famicom music and the remastered soundtrack.

I’m curious if there are any importer out there interested in giving this a spin.  I also find this rather intriguing that Square-Enix is continuing to support the PSP in Japan even though the Vita is on the market.  Just goes to show you how popular the PSP remains in Japan.

9 thoughts on “Square-Enix Brings Final Fantasy III (DS) to the PSP in Japan”

  1. Very off the wall release indeed, considering the iOS ports. I never played the DS original, but I’ve been contemplating the iPad port for awhile now. If this makes it on PSN for Europe, I’ll definitely have on my Vita instead of going for the iPad one.

  2. Yeah very off the wall announcement too, but I guess it makes sense given the portable’s popularity in Japan. If this gets released elsewhere I’ll be rather shocked, but hey stranger things have happened. I’m disappointed we didn’t hear of those late Square-Enix PSP games getting the HD treatment and making their way worldwide via the PSN for the Vita.

  3. Yeah. Final Fantasy Type 0. It’s been released on the PSP in Japan for months now, a whopping 2 UMD game! I was surprised that they didn’t announce any sort of Vita port in E3 for international release, because I was sure that was a given. It would be quite easy to port, too. Easy money for Square-Enix, but they’re not on board for some reason. So yeah, echoing Jarrod’s sentiments exactly.

  4. Isn’t the PS Vita backwards compatible? If so, then they lose nothing by continuing to produce games for the PSP. And the PSP really is popular in Japan. Not all of my students here have DS’s, but pretty much every one of them has a PSP.

  5. The problem with Vita’s backward compatibility is that it seems that it’s emulation-based not hardware based. As such, only a fraction of the PSP library is playable on the Vita, which is updated infrequently. Jarrod just bought a newly released PSP game and it wasn’t compatible with the Vita. The same case will arise with FFIII unless Square and Sony preemptively tackle the compatibility issues.

  6. Yeah exactly right. There are two problems right now with the release of PSP software. The first is that the PSP software is taking away from the Vita software. Japan is seeing so many new PSP releases compared to the Vita, that the Vita constantly gets overshadowed. These PSP games should be moved into the “digital-only” realm for now to help ease people into the Vita. The other problem is that Sony doesn’t appear to be supporting backwards compatibility at all. Like Ahmed said, I just picked up Gungnir and it won’t work on the Vita. How is that even possible? Sony actually expects me to keep my PSP around when I’ve got a Vita that is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with everyone on the PSN? Well, umm, fix that!

  7. Yeah man. Plus there are several PSP classics that don’t even have a digital form yet, particularly some from Square-Enix like the Star Ocean ports and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

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