EA and Activision to Support Wii U

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Wii U at E3 2012 was the lack of support from Activision.  EA was another company that was suspiciously quiet.  During the Nintendo Wii U press conference they showcased a third party sizzle reel which featured games like Mass Effect 3, and lots of other games we had already been told about before.  The biggest omission was anything from Activision, which is the world’s largest third party publisher.  Everyone was hoping for a little Black Ops II love, but sadly that never materialized.

Today comes word that both EA and Activision have several “high profile” games in development for the Wii U, but aren’t spilling the beans just yet.  EA said they have two as of yet unannounced Wii U projects that will be revealed sometime this summer, and Activision strongly hinted that Black Ops II will indeed be Wii U bound.  So hardcore Nintendo fans can breathe a little easier knowing two of the biggest publishers in the world are going to support the Wii U.

While this isn’t exactly the biggest news, as both companies were expected to heavily invest in the new platform, especially since we had already seen Mass Effect 3, it does reassure fans that Nintendo is doing all they can to secure as many third party titles as possible.

So what do you expect both EA and Activision to bring to the Wii U later this year?

2 thoughts on “EA and Activision to Support Wii U”

  1. Like I said before, Black Ops II is just a no-brainer for the Wii U…and it looks like it’s going to happen. This can really bring interest to the platform, especially since Treyarch are used to using motion controls. I’m curious on what they’re going to do with the tablet though. Off-TV play and actually picking/choosing classes from the tablet make very interesting features. I’m not sure how deep that they want to get regarding sniping and gyroscope controls.

    1. Yeah we talked about this before, and I was shocked it wasn’t mentioned in Nintendo’s conference given how huge the series is here. That would turn a lot of heads. Right now though I find so many people talking about the lack of online features and things like that. IGN, 1Up and all the others are currently running stories about how Pikmin 3 won’t be online enabled and that it’s not looking like many Nintendo first party titles will be either.

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