Jarrod’s Wii Collection

Today I felt like putting up another one of my wacky videos.  This one takes a look at my entire Wii collection.  Hopefully you guys can give me a few more suggestions, and also list off your collection. Be sure to watch the end of the video for a little surprise on a new project I’m working on.

I hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Jarrod’s Wii Collection”

  1. Nice collection! I’d also recommend:

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade — An amazing MetroidVania-style 2D action game. Wonderful artistry, visuals, and music. Plus, it’s a lengthy game worth sinking a lot of time into. It takes about 25 hours to fully tackle both characters.

    Red Steel 2 — Far superior to the original. The Wild West/fantasy setting is unique and interesting and the motion controls are incredibly satisfying. The combat is just so much fun.

    Rune Factory Frontier — If you like Harvest Moon, this is a great series to play. It’s a bit like if Harvest Moon got a dash of Final Fantasy, which is a good thing. You can play the gam ein so many different ways. The graphics are simple but charming. I really love the game world and the characters, especially.

    Tenchu: Shadow Assassins — A decent game. I was surprised by it though. I picked it up on the cheap and it was quite a bit of fun to play.

    No More Heroes 1 & 2 — Although the first game is available on PS3, it’s unfortunately not *that* much better than the Wii original. No More Heroes 2 though is still exclusive to Wii. It’s a blast to play. The jobs in it are clever 8-bit mini-games and the story is every bit as demented and fun as ever.

    Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure — Easily one of my favorite Wii games and one of my favorite games this generation still. It’s a clever point-and-click puzzler, definitely a keeper.

    Dokapon Kingdom — You can get the game on PS2, like Sakura Wars, but the Wii version is slightly better. It’s sort of like if you combined Mario Party, Monopoly, and Final Fantasy all together. You pick your character class from the get-go and compete with friends on a huge fantasy board game map. You level up, get new skills, defeat monsters, etc. The real draw is the hectic multiplayer. The game definitely encourages you to be a huge jerk to your friends, lol. You can steal from your friends, take their treasures, hire hit men to take out your enemies, humiliate your friends by re-naming their characters or forcibly changing their looks, etc.

  2. Thanks for all the suggestions Tim. Not sure when I’ll get around to picking up more Wii game, or any other games for that matter as that little surprise at the end has sort of taken over everything as you can imagine. Building a gaming PC takes some serious $$$ ;)

    1. Thanks. I need a few more parts and I’ll officially be good to go. Going to film the build, which should prove rather interesting. If nothing else it’ll give people an idea of just how easy it is to build a computer these days.

      1. It is very simple, the only real complicated part when it comes to building your own computer is buying the right parts with so many choices out there.

        My brother enjoys building his computers up, me well I tend to take the easy way lol which is actually not cost effective either. I technically payed for a brand name when I bought my Alienware

        1. Even then it’s pretty easy Stephane. I think people get scared when they see ATX, socket 1155, etc. They go a little O_O The thing is, if you can build a Lego castle, you can build a computer. The biggest problem I’ve seen is that people tend to go cheap on certain elements, typically the PSU, which is one of the most important elements of the computer. For this build I’ve gone with the SeaSonic 80+ Gold 1250W fully modular PSU. This not only looks ultra nice, it’s ultra efficient, is future proof for at least 8 years (crossfire and SLi ready during all that time too), etc. On sale you can find it for around $200, regular price is $300. Sure that’s a lot of money, but where else are you going to buy a computer with such a powerful PSU that’s also super efficient, etc?

          For my mobo, I’m going with the Sabertooth Z77 from Asus, which auto overclocks the i7-3770K to 4.4GHz from 3.5. I have that nice Thermaltake case you saw in the video, but went ahead and fully equipped it with two additional 200mm silencer fans, and another 120mm base fan, all with blue LED lights. When this beast is made it should be something else. For the GPU I’ve decided to go with the GTX 680, just not sure how high-end I’ll go with it. Either will take the EVGA, or Asus version. Finally, I’ve got 32GB of G.SKILL Ares PC3 14900 RAM for this monster. I don’t have all the parts just yet, and still need another after-market CPU cooler. Heard of a few really good ones, and thanks to this full gaming tower I have nothing to fear about size ;)

          So that’s basically my new computer. I’ve been waiting for different sales here and there. I picked up a 120GB SSD for the boot drive for peanuts, and now a 512GB SSD is on sale for $350 so I might just pick that one up too. The major pro with building your own computer over anything is that YOU determine what you put in there. I love that!

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