Ōkami HD Announced for PlayStation 3 (Updated with Trailer)

Capcom will be bringing one of their most original games ever created to the PlayStation 3 this fall.  The game has been completely remastered in 1080p HD, and retrofitted for 16:9 displays.  It will also support the PlayStation Move controller or the DualShock 3 for those who want to relive the original PS2 experience.  For those that don’t know Ōkami was originally released on the PlayStation 2 before arriving on the Wii with updated controls.  Our very own Justin Simson reviewed the original and gave it a stunning 9.4.  His review can be found here.

I already own this game on both platforms it was released on, but will gladly plunk down the $19.99 Capcom is asking for, for the digital-only release.  Anyone else out there excited?

3 thoughts on “Ōkami HD Announced for PlayStation 3 (Updated with Trailer)”

  1. I honestly didn’t expect Capcom to give Okami another go like this. If people don’t pick up this game in this form, then there’s something wrong with the world. I played the hell out of the PS2 version but never got to finish it, but I found it to be the closest thing to a Zelda experience ever, adding a dash of uniqueness with the controls.

    I’m definitely supporting the HD version too since it’s a steal for 20 bucks, but I hope I have the time to run through it again. Makes me wish that Capcom adds save state converter from the PS2 memory card to the PS3 version so I can continue from where I left off.

    I’m also curious whether this is a port of the PS2 version or Wii one. Because I recall Ready at Dawn having an extremely difficult time with porting it to the Wii because the source code wasn’t complete as Clover was dissolved back then. Not sure how they’ll manage a picture perfect HD port if the source code isn’t complete, but Ready at Dawn did a damn good job with the Wii version so I guess it’s possible.

  2. Great news! Okami is in my top five favorite games of all time. I’ll definitely download it on the PS3 to re-experience it. I have the PS2 original, but I never got the play it on the Wii. I’m glad that the PS3 version will support both the DualShock and Move controller options.

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