2 thoughts on “COE Mobility Podcast – Episode 1”

  1. Off to a good start here man! Keep em coming. Never knew you had a tablet too so interesting stuff here. And no worries, 4G here is just as crappy with the signals and optimal speeds.

    Agree with you on Angry Birds! I saw no appeal until I played Space, which is more of a thinking man’s game compared to regular AB.

    The only hardcore game I knew of in the mobile scene is Infinity Blade, but you talked about ones I never knew existed, particularly NOVA. Like you said though, virtual buttons and pads on a touch screen just don’t feel tactile enough.

    I’m an Apple user when it comes to all these stuff, but ever since I saw the Samsung Galaxy line I’ve been very impressed by Android. Perhaps when I upgrade my phone I’ll actually go with that for a chance.

    Have you ever dabbled in those emulators for Android Justin? I hear there’s a pretty solid n64 emulator around. I know it’s a gray area, but I’m just curious if it crossed your mind.

    Finally, check out Temple Run if you’re in for a good casual fix. It’s pretty addicting and free! The new one costs a dollar. I’m really enjoying it.

    1. Thanks for the cheerleading; I appreciate it :) Yeah, doing this came out of nowhere, and it should be fun. I actually have the next episode ready, Jarrod just has to potentially convert it and post. I found a very good app to record while going home from work, and it’s hilarious. Don’t think too many other people have recorded like that ;) I’m looking forward to producing more.

      You experience the same with 4G huh? Interesting. I’m actually intending to buy a new phone today, between the Razr Maxx and Galaxy Nexus. Why? Because retarded Verizon changed the unlimited data program. After Thursday, you’ll no longer be able to buy a subsidized phone and keep unlimited, or have unlimited as a new 4G customer. You must buy retail. So, I’m taking advantage of my plan’s last upgrade before it kicks in and saving us $500 :P Oh well, I’m not too sad to ditch the Thunderbolt. I’ll simply keep it as a gaming device, and especially finish both Zenonia and Anomaly on it.

      Angry Birds Space huh? Perhaps I’ll see what the free version is about.

      Yeah, I have a tablet now, for a little over a month. I’ve been selling on eBay and will make up for the remaining out of pocket costs I had. Very enjoyable device.

      So you have he iPad but haven’t know of the hardcore games? Interesting, especially since they’re almost always released for you first :) Gameloft is probably the most high profile 3D games mobile developer.

      I do have emulators as well, for NES and SNES. I don’t have any other software, or know where to acquire anything else without getting a virus or something. Pretty sweet to have so much gaming on one device.

      Temple Run? Yeah, I’ve seen it, but not tried. Maybe I will after I’m done with some other games :)

      Thanks for the feedback. Good stuff!

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